Goodbye Seniors! Hello Summer!

jdutton2.jpgI’m glad I finally found the time to blog because it is likely that this will be my last entry this year, though perhaps I will have time for one more. This time I am going to write a goodbye note, but I would still love comments, questions, etc.

The seniors of Skyline High School will be graduating this Friday at the Paramount Theatre.  My sister is among them, as are most of my dearest friends. Obviously I’m ridiculously sad and also incredibly proud!

To all of you graduates at Skyline (and everywhere else): Good luck! I’m proud of you! I can’t wait to follow in your footsteps! I hope that everyone has an excellent summer and congratulations to all you students, teachers, parents, and administrators who made it through this challenging school year! There were some wonderful experiences, and there were a lot of difficulties, but all in all I learned a lot and had a great year. I hope everyone else feels the same. 

This summer I will be working at Grand Bakery, a kosher bakery on Grand Avenue in Oakland. I will also be taking Introduction to Physics at Laney College to beef up my transcript. Perhaps I will go on a couple college tours, but that I have not really begun to think about yet. What are your summer plans everyone? Feel free to use the comment box to brag about your achievements a little!  Congratulation class of 2008! Have a great summer everyone else!  See you again August 25th.  


  • Sue

    Have a good one, Jesse. I’ve enjoyed reading your entries, and I hope we’ll see you back here next fall.

  • Joseph Smith

    Which colleges do you plan to tour? Just curious. I have a son who is interested in touring some and I’d be interested to see which colleges you are looking at.

  • Jesse Dutton-Kenny

    The schools I am looking at right now include Brown University, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, University of Washington, Reed College, Northwestern University, Stanford, Columbia University, and possibly some others. Thanks for your interest.