Could two three-way races end without a runoff?

WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: It looks like there could be a runoff between Alice Spearman and Doris Limbrick for the East Oakland-Elmhurst seat. With all of the precincts counted, Spearman had 49.54 percent of the vote (Limbrick 32%; Beverly Williams 17%), and candidates need at least 50 percent to win.

Jody London won the North Oakland race, with 55 percent (Brian Rogers 36%; Tennessee Reed 9%). Jumoke Hinton Hodge will represent West Oakland on the board (Hinton Hodge 52%; Olugbemiga Oluwole Sr. 47%)


Jody London (North Oakland) and Alice Spearman (East Oakland-Elmhurst) have double-digit leads on their respective opponents, but Spearman was barely beyond the 50 percent threshold as of midnight.

Unless Spearman secures 50 percent-plus-1 in the race against Doris Limbrick and Beverly Williams, she’ll face Limbrick (now in second place at 31 percent) in a runoff.


It looks like London has a lock on the three-way race for the North Oakland seat, with 55 percent of the vote to Brian Rogers’ 36 and Tennessee Reed’s 9 (57 percent of precincts counted). If London dips below 50 percent, it’ll be a run-off between her and Rogers.


The District 3 race is slightly closer. With 83 percent of the precincts in, Jumoke Hinton Hodge has a 5-point lead over Olugbemiga Oluwole Sr. (52 percent to 47 percent).

I’ll update you later this morning, or you can check the results yourself here.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.