Summertime update

I must say, summer has been pretty relaxing compared to the hectic school year. Although I have been catching up on some much needed sleep and “being lazy” time, I have also found ways to keep my mind stimulated, my teachers made sure of that.

For the AP English class I will be taking next year I have a summer assignment to read three books: All The Pretty Horses, Wuthering Heights, and Sula, as well as do some analysis for each book.

College application time is also just around the corner, and its something that I’ve been thinking about a lot this summer. Where do I want to apply? Do I stand a chance?

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of a college prep program this summer, Experience Berkeley, and it has really eased my anxiety. Through this program I went to a three day college workshop at UC Berkeley where I got to stay in the dorms, live like a Berkeley student, and learn about what Berkeley had to offer. We met professors, alumni, and current students who answered any questions we had. We even met with admissions officers one on one, who critiqued our personal statements and gave helpful advice for our applications. I highly recommend this program for anyone with children who will be juniors next year.

My next activity for the summer is a trip to Germany and Spain for three weeks. I will be flying over on my own and visiting family, and I’ll try to think about school as little as possible. Until then, I hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer!


  • John

    It’s so sad to see you sitting there waiting for a response and decided to cheer up your day. Although, you might not feel too cheered given some of my uncomplimentary disclosed thoughts about modern day Skyline. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing for some and something else for others. You don’t impress me as being one of the others.

    I will say that Katy has picked, or been approached by, some of Skyline’s ‘most likely to succeed’ bloggers. Have a great mind invigorating time wasting summer! One more year and you’re FREEEEEEEEE