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School principals: Who’s in, who’s out

By Katy Murphy
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 at 4:59 pm in leadership changes.

Unless someone ups and leaves next week — which wouldn’t be unheard of — Oakland will have 16 new principals in the fall. I got the list this afternoon, which starts with the new hires approved by the school board late last month.

Reyna Diaz – Global Family and Jefferson (5th grade)
Carin Geathers – Burckhalter Elementary
Karen Haynes – Lafayette Elementary
Pia Jara – Lazear Elementary
Stephen Redmond – Crocker Highlands Elementary
Susan Ryan – CBIT High School (Castlemont)
Betsye Steele – Paul Robeson High School (Fremont)
Adam Taylor – Brookfield Elementary
Karen Todd – BEST High School (McClymonds)

Tilden Elementary
Skyline High School
Piedmont Avenue Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Garfield Elementary
RISE Elementary
Redwood Heights Elementary


Dhameera Ahmad - Burckhalter
Geraldine Camacho – Lazear
Caroline Yee – Lincoln
Joslin Johnson – Tilden

Rick Gaston – Castlemont Business & Information Technology
Heidi Green – Skyline
Chelda Ruff – Crocker Highlands
Rosalind Sarah – Global Family

Interestingly enough, some of the schools were assigned principals from a general pool, based on the district’s new process. Others — such as Skyline and Redwood Heights — are using a longstanding school board policy that the first state administrator, Randolph Ward, buried soon after coming to Oakland.

Spokesman Troy Flint attributed the discrepancy to the transition back to local governance. Next year, he said, there will be a “cohesive and consistent policy” in place.

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