Summer update from a Skyline student

Hello again everyone!

Katy will be gone for a little bit, so I hope to keep you entertained with a little update about my summer…

I’ve been working quite a lot at the Grand Kosher Bakery on Grand Avenue in Oakland (about a block down from the theatre). It’s really fun but constant moving around so my feet start to get really sore. But I do get to eat delicious food all day and meet interesting people. Plus, having regular paychecks is just great.

As for schoolwork, my summer is not lacking in the slightest. I have been working on summer assignments for both my AP French Language class as well as my AP English Literature class which I will be starting in the fall. And to top it all off I am taking a physics class at Laney Community College Monday through Thursday at, get this, 8 a.m.

So far, summer is not as relaxing as it should be. What do you think? Does having a job, taking classes, and keeping busy help students? Or does it wear them out when they should be saving their energy for going back to school?


  • Nextset

    Your summer sounds fine to me. Yes, your schedule “helps” you.

    Becoming an adult just takes getting used to. Childhood’s over. You are becoming more like a college student and it’s not too early to do so.

    Keep us posted as to your impressions on the Laney Physics class – how does it compare with taking a similar class at high school?

  • Katy Murphy

    Interesting question, Jesse.

    Do you feel worn out?

    I used to spend upwards of seven hours a day at sports camps, night basketball games, tennis tournaments, etc., during my high school summers. It was exhausting, but so different from the stresses of the school year that it didn’t bother me. By August, I was ready to use my brain again.

    Do you think you’ll look forward to school in the fall, or are you too tired to think about it? Oh, and is your early-bird physics class interesting?

  • http://truelifeimdiamond.blogspot.com Diamond Broussard

    Hi Jesse! I completely understand where you are coming from. This summer I am taking Chem 108 and Intermediate Algebra (Algebra 2) courses at Diablo Valley College. When you sign up for the things you want to do everything seems all well, you know? In your mind you’re excited to be getting ready for college and being responsible, but after a little while nothing seems worth it. Just remember to keep your head up because everything that we’re doing now is preparing us for college and you feel satisfied once you’ve accomplished something. For example, like how I feel today knowing that I just finished summer school and earned Bs in both classes. Just take things as they come and know that the reward at the end will be great!

  • Jesse Dutton-Kenny

    Yes, I’m very worn out. Not so much looking forward to school in the fall, though waking up early won’t be an adjustment. I’m excited to get back into the routine of school, but the thought of sitting at more desks for hours and hours is not tempting…

    However my schedule for next year includes 3 AP classes as well as dance, ceramics, and social living (a sort of “get to know yourself” class) so it shoudln’t be too tiring.

    It does feel good to know I’m growing out of childhood and all that, but it’s exhausting! I have much more respect now for adults who wake up and go to work everyday, frankly school is nowhere near as hard (in my opinion).

    Physics is fun, and I’m learning a lot. It’s and 18 week course packed into weeks and we do 2 chapter everyday in our textbook. Phew! Sometimes at the end of a 3 hour lecture I find myself wishing I didn’t know any of this stuff so that my brain wasn’t so full…

  • Jesse Dutton-Kenny

    woops correction in paragraph 4:

    “an 18 week course packed into 6 weeks”

  • http://mediasensei-tion.blogspot.com/2008/07/japanese-juku-students-learn-about.html Lisa Shafer


    Thanks for your blog posting about rigorous summers.

    I’ve been watching how Japanese students spend their summer as part of my Fund for Teachers grant to Japan. Most high school students in Japan are only starting their summer vacation next week and will return on Sept. 1 to regular classes.

    If you click on my blog link below, you’ll see some Japanese students taking cram school classes during their summer “break” until 9:30 p.m.


    I suspect Oakland students also would be surprised at the cleaning of schools that Japanese students do every day.

    Lisa Shafer
    Media Academy journalism teacher