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Who ever said that school board members and administrators couldn’t blog?

Oakland Unified is jumping into the blogosphere with news of upcoming events and positive news stories. Probably not much dirt, but you never know.

You can check it out here.

Wait, am I advertising for the competition?

Katy Murphy

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  • Vicki Solomon

    They don’t allow comments on their blog.

    Too bad. What is the Elmhurst Weed & Seed Health and Safety Fair about? Anti-drug or pro-local food? I can’t tell.

  • Chris Dobbins

    Weed and Seed is a Federal initiative to “weed” out the negative elements in society and “seed” positive programs. I first thought it was a an agricultural initiative myself. Elmhurst Weed and Seed is an initiative to sponsor programs in East Oakland in the area roughly between Webster Academy (81st) to Elmhurst Middle School (98th). The Health Fair displayed various programs the community could get involved with as well lots of activities for the young people. I was only there for two hours, but there were probably 300 people in attendence.

  • Sharon

    OUSD’s posted on this blog from Aug. 18 to Sept. 5, and then abandoned it.

    Last summer OUSD announced that they would be sending out an e-newsletter to the community (in lower left hand corner of their homepage). I signed up but have never received a thing. According to the News & Communications tab, it looks like only three e-newsletters were ever produced, on Aug. 8, 15 and 22.

    When I worked at Bret Harte, the PTA president and I looked each other in the eye as we shook hands and committed to each other that we would produce, and send out, a high-quality monthly newsletter for parents. The commitment was kept up for nearly seven years because the producers had a stake in the school.

    Sustainability is extremely important when new projects are considered, otherwise the time and money spent to develop them is wasted, and the people who started them (but never followed through) look like fools. This can not be achieved when stability is not esteemed, and when employees are emotionally detached from the people they are supposed to serve. (Mom S’s tip for the day)

    I am, again, so very, very grateful for The Oakland Tribune’s Katy Murphy and the Oakland Public School Parents Yahoo group.