Another Year

I would like to briefly respond to Katy’s post, “Summer’s Over,” by saying that overall it has been an OK first three days of school. I might even say it’s been good.

There are negative and positive aspects to the beginning of this year. Something positive: The scheduling crisis isn’t nearly as bad as it was last year. Something negative: It’s still bad. I’ve experienced some problems concerning my schedule, as well as a lot of other students, but I have hope that things will clear up soon.

I know I should be more upset with the current situation or depressed at the fact that summer is over, but I find that I can’t wait to go to school every morning. Maybe I’m still stuck in the relaxed mind-set of summer, or caught up in the excitement of seeing old classmates, getting to know new teachers and experiencing new classes. At the moment most of my classes are engaging and fun, and I’m excited to start a new year (my last year)!

The only thing that worries me is college applications.


  • Nextset

    Why are college applications a problem? Is the problem filling in the boxes – or deciding which schools to apply to and which to eliminate?

  • Katy Murphy

    Thanks for the back-to-school report, Isabel. What kinds of problems are you having with your schedule?

  • Isabel Rodriguez-Vega

    The applications themselves are difficult, as are the decisions I have to make about which to narrow it down to. I’m applying to mostly private colleges and universities, almost all of which require a supplement, common application, teacher recommendations, counselor evaluations, etc… It probably won’t be as hard as I think it’s gonna be, but the whole process is just a little overwhelming.

    The counselors are once again overloaded with work, making it hard to see a counselor or get a schedule change. We only had about 3 counselors to begin with, then Mr. Redd left only days (I believe) before the school year started. He was the counselor for 1/3 of the school, including myself. Now the counseling office is full of people at all times, with only 2 counselors to help them. Today I stuck it out in the counseling office for about an hour after school and finally worked everything out. My problem was that they didn’t give me journalism, which is a class I was really looking forward to! But now my schedule is fixed; I can’t say the same for the other half of the school…