The break-ins continue

Can Oakland schools catch a break?

Yesterday morning, Webster Academy employees showed up to school and discovered that 22 brand new computers — still in boxes — had vanished from a locked storage room, district spokesman Troy Flint told me.

Flint said the thieves apparently pried their way in with bolt-cutters.

Then, a teacher at Rise Community School wrote me to report that someone broke into the main office of the East Oakland school over Labor Day weekend. The intruder tried to steal a computer, but couldn’t make it over the fence (whoops).

By the way, I checked with Flint today to see if the Human Resources villains had been nabbed. Not yet.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Ted

    An Oakland High custodian’s house was searched this weekend and at least one stolen school computer was recovered. I believe there was a news conference about it today.

    Where’s the story? I think we’re about to uncover something big. I’ve had stuff taken from my room for years. I’m not surprised at all

  • Katy Murphy

    Thanks for the tip, Ted. I hadn’t heard anything about a press conference, so I called Troy Flint to ask about it.

    Flint said the school district didn’t hold a news conference about the case. He wouldn’t comment on whether a custodian’s house was searched, saying only that the investigation was continuing. He said there might be more details soon.

    Maybe someone else held a news conference. Any idea who?

  • Ted

    The news conference has turned out to be a phantom one. We were told this weekend it would be at the school, and then an administrator today said the news conference would be held elsewhere. Regardless, I believe they are on to something.

  • Katy Murphy

    Yes they are. I just found out that police arrested three custodians, all OUSD employees. I’m writing the story now, so stay tuned.

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