Back on track to graduation

Hello everyone! I haven’t had the opportunity to post in a while, so I would love to give you all an update.

I am back in school and it feels great! Last year, I wasn’t as motivated as I should have been, but now I feel as though I am in the final leg of a race. I have already chosen which schools I am going to apply to, and am anxious about where I’ll end up. I have also signed up to take some SAT subject tests, as well as the ACT. I am so excited!

Before school started, I was very anxious to know how this year would begin.  So many questions flooded my head. What will Mr. Sye be like? What will my classes be like? How hectic will this year be in preparing to graduate? Well, Mr. Sye is great and adjusting well to the role of principal, despite the awkward “no hats in the house” rule.

My classes are amazing, especially my social living class and journalism. Also, as I knew, this year is already turning out to be pretty hectic. I am co-editor of our school newspaper, The Oracle, and I am also president of the Black Student Union at our school.  I also have an internship with Girls Inc. through a program called Advocating Change Together, so my schedule is pretty packed.

While many things are going well, though, some are not.  It seems as though our counseling office has had a few troubles once again. I put in a change for a science class the first day of school, and still three weeks later I am not in the class. However, I joined a physics class today that seems like it will work out. I am still a little bitter about the counseling fiasco, but I think I’ll survive. Why is it that Skyline has major issues year after year with too many students, misplaced students, and students with no classes at all?


  • Jesse Dutton-Kenny

    It shocks me too Diamond. Last year a physics class went the ENTIRE school year with no permanent teacher, just new subs every week. How scary is that???
    But hooray, we’re going to graduate (slightly relieved to be done with that mess of a counseling office)!
    Can’t wait to see your first issue of the Oracle!

  • D. Broussard

    Yes it will be a relief. I am just content that Ms. Reed has decided to do scholarship help again this year because if she didn’t I don’t know what we graduating seniors would do!

  • Sue

    Have a good year, Diamond. It’s nice to see you settling in – just like my sons are settling into the new school year too.

    I’m going to ask my Skyline junior to bring home copies of the Oracle. I only saw one issue last year (my son was in the front-page photo) and I’d like to see more this year.