Teen animators

image from Roxy Smith’s “Love is Deaf” video

I didn’t even touch a computer at school until sixth grade, let alone create animation. But we’re in a different century now, and some schools — including some right here in Oakland — are teaching kids to work with the latest digital technology.

I bring this up because the annual Bay Street Animation Film Festival is coming up Oct. 25, and the submission deadline is Oct. 6 has been extended to Oct. 13. I got a kick out of last year’s winning video, Love is Deaf, by Roxy Smith.

Roxy was a junior last year at the School of the Arts in San Francisco, and she won $5,000 for the grand prize.

All middle school and high school students are eligible for the contest, which culminates in a screening at Emeryville’s AMC theaters, and there’s no entry fee. There’s more information about the festival on this Bay Street Web site.

I plan to visit one new animation program, at Claremont Middle School, next month, and I heard there’s another digital arts program at the Havenscourt campus (or another nearby school). Are there other programs out there that I should know about?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Sue

    Carl Munck Elementary had the kids doing very basic computer animations last year. Younger son had a ball with it, and worked on his dad until he got the software installed on a home computer too. Now I’m almost sorry that he didn’t go to Claremont (our second choice school) because he would have been fascinated by their animation program.

    I hope Skyline has something going, too. When we met the incoming freshmen families for the ASIP program (older son’s Aspergers/autism inclusion program) one of the new boys was *very* interested in film-making and animation, and our son was suggested by the inclusion teacher for doing voice-work for this budding film-maker. Getting the kids to collaborate is difficult, but so rewarding for everyone when it happens. It would seem like a great fit with the school’s drama department too.

  • Katy Murphy

    I just found out that the submission deadline has been extended to Oct. 13, in case anyone was interested.