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  • Dhameera Ahmad

    You may want to play this video in the background. It also reflects the voice of the young.



  • John

    The Martin Luther King Freedom Center for “nonviolence, equality, youth and ecology” THREE QUESTION QUIZ:

    1. Which of these men taught and demonstrated
    non-violence as a preferred means of social protest?

    (a) Malcolm X (b) Huey Newton or (c) Martin Luther King?

    2. Did Martin Luther King believe “equality” means:

    (a) equal civil rights; or, (b) equal attainment

    3. Which of these men lived an ecology theme based

    (a) Martin Luther King; or (b) John Muir?


    The answers don’t seem to matter when a high profile name is used to legitimize every urban fundraising and community organization theme under the sun. Anyway, the correct answer for #2 hasn’t been popular for more years than many Oakland students are able to count.