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So what if they’re too young to vote?

By Katy Murphy
Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 4:18 pm in initiatives, students, teens.

Sasha Rabkin, of the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center, just sent me this audio slideshow of Oakland teens encouraging adults to get to the polls Nov. 4. Raven Tarrance, the young woman serving as a page for the House of Representatives, took part in this program over the summer.

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  • Dhameera Ahmad

    You may want to play this video in the background. It also reflects the voice of the young.


  • John

    The Martin Luther King Freedom Center for “nonviolence, equality, youth and ecology” THREE QUESTION QUIZ:

    1. Which of these men taught and demonstrated
    non-violence as a preferred means of social protest?

    (a) Malcolm X (b) Huey Newton or (c) Martin Luther King?

    2. Did Martin Luther King believe “equality” means:

    (a) equal civil rights; or, (b) equal attainment

    3. Which of these men lived an ecology theme based

    (a) Martin Luther King; or (b) John Muir?


    The answers don’t seem to matter when a high profile name is used to legitimize every urban fundraising and community organization theme under the sun. Anyway, the correct answer for #2 hasn’t been popular for more years than many Oakland students are able to count.