Obama, McCain education advisors to face off

Obama advisor Linda Darling-Hammond, left, and McCain advisor Lisa Graham Keegan, right

From 4 to 6 p.m. PT tonight, the education policy advisors for Barack Obama and John McCain — Linda Darling-Hammond (who just conducted Oakland’s small schools study) and Lisa Graham Keegan, respectively — will debate the future of public schools.

Tonight’s “Education and the Next President” debate at Columbia University’s Teachers College might not be quite as sexy to the average American as the Biden-Palin showdown. But for those steeped in the challenges of public schooling everyday, as many of you are, the event could illuminate how each of the candidates would tackle education policy, and how they differ.

Education Week is hosting a free, live Web cast. You can register for it here.

Update: If you can’t catch the debate live, considering the hour it’s airing in California, I’m told that it will be posted on Ed Week’s Web site by Wednesday afternoon.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Sue

    Thank you, Katy. This sounds like it would be really interesting to me. I just wish the time was different, so I’d be able to watch. Instead I’ll be at work when it starts, and just finishing my commute home when it ends. I’m going to have to check tomorrow to see if it was recorded anywhere. I take older son to piano lessons on Tuesday evenings, so I can’t look for a possible recording tonight.

  • Katy Murphy

    Sue: It looks like you — and everyone else who can’t catch the 4 p.m. Web cast — are in luck.

    The debate will be posted on Education Week’s Web site as of Wednesday afternoon, at http://www.edweek.org, as well as Teachers College‚Äôs site, http://www.tc.edu.

  • Sue

    Thank you again, Katy.