Students skip school, protest immigration raids

Hundreds of high school students from Oakland and Richmond flooded BART stations today while trying to get to a big immigration protest in San Francisco, causing BART service to be delayed.

Tribune photographer Jane Tyska, who took this photo in East Oakland’s Fruitvale district, was later detained by school district police while trying to film the demonstration with a video camera. OUSD Police Chief Art Michel reported that Tyska was standing in the way of his car as he was trailing the student-protesters, and that she elbowed his mirror when he drove past. Tyska says Michel actually struck her with his vehicle.

The tape might contain the real story, but I haven’t seen it. Michel swiped it as “evidence of the photographer’s interference with his ability to conduct his responsibilities,” according to spokesman Troy Flint.

Read the story here.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Concerned Citizen

    This is ridiculous. Liberals blame Bush for failing the schools, but what are they doing? They’re sending students to protest for their beliefs. And, they claim that they won’t be teaching gay crap in the schools. Yeah right! Vote Yes on 8 and protect our children from stupid teachers and administrators!

    When I was a student at Acalanes in Lafayette, we went on two field trips. One to mentor elementary students at the Academy of Science and two to learn about different careers in the field. How does protesting during school time stack up against that? No wonder Acalanes School district is sending kids to Ivy Leagues and UCs, while kids in Oakland are lucky to get their high school diploma.

    Wake up, California! You’re destroying young minds with idle rants.

    “A nation falls from within, before it falls from without”

  • John

    The Tribune Videographer detained by the OPS police reported that the officer had told her the student protest “was a ‘moving crime scene.” District Spokesman Tony Flint said the officer “was protecting student-protesters.”

    Sounds like just another district supervised ‘illegal immigrant rights social justice field trip’ to me!

    How can the district “protect” student protester “crime scene” privacy rights if it doesn’t stop reporters from taking their pictures!? The OPS officer was just doing his job! Throw the man a donut!

  • Nextset

    Students who want to take to the streets will probably be surprised to see that they will be dealt with as rabble by law enforcement and passersbys. At least the schools should have taught the fully grown children how it’s going to be if they decide to leave the protection of the school environment and go play grown up out on the sidewalk.

    Or maybe they should take their Mommies and Daddies with them on their protests…

    Oh, Mommy and Daddy probably have to work. And even worse, if they were there they’d act as a wet blanket on some of the street fun.

    No pity or sympathy from this quarter for any injuries and legal problems engendered from this kind of misadventure. Some people just have to learn the hard way. Pain instructs.

  • Jose, Former Student

    Troy Flint,

    Why should the school police be protecting students who are skiping school?

    If you want to “protect students”, could you start by making sure the get a good education?

    When I was at Skyline the teachers encouraged us to protest and march in the streets.

    Now, I relize we were being used to promote their agenda.

  • John

    Retraction: I mistakenly referred to Mr. Flint as ‘Tony’ Flint instead of ‘Troy.’ My apologies to
    Mr. Flint.

    My compliments to Former OPS student
    Jose. You do this old Skyline alumni proud!

  • Nextset

    I notice the “students” are masking their faces. Wearing Masks in public is associated with criminal activity – historically. Those who do so should not be surprised at what happens to them.

  • Jon Simon

    So you guys are criticizing them for exercising their constitutional rights? Whine whine whine. Is that all Republicans and Libertarians do these days? These kids are realizing their power and asserting independence.

  • Jose, Former Student


    I am democrat who is thankful that people in this counrty paid tax which allowed me to get a free public education.

    I went to school with some of these students two year ago. My people need to be in class getting the academics skills to make a living.

    White people are ahead of us in every area of school. It’s fine with me if they want to go out into the street and waste time protesting.

  • Jon Simon

    Protesting and political consciousness are privileges only people with white skin and an education can afford? Cesar Chavez might have something to say about that.

  • Jose, Former Student


    You do the protesting and your family can pay your rent while you explore your “political consciousness.”

    I am getting an education, helping my mom pay the rent and help take care of my family.

    Could you please let us all know when Mr. Cesar Chavez will be rising from the dead to “have some to say about that”? Do you have a date and time in mind?

    It makes us Mexicans feel good to know that you are so concerned about our people’s rights.

  • John

    Simple Simon: Just a frolicking “crime scene” of masked illegal aliens spreading their wings and practicing our “constitutional rights” in the absence of theirs, right?

    I find it perversely entertaining to read about our “sanctuary city” authorities trying to stop illegal aliens from illegally crossing over BART station ticket gates while simultaneously trying to protect them from the consequences of illegally crossing over our border!

    If they can steal from American tax payers by enrolling in public schools and availing themselves of other tax paid services, why ‘draw a line in the sand’ at the BART station ticket gate!? If we’re going to be stupid, let’s be consistently stupid! Why quibble over trifles! Let them rip off their masks and steal whatever American tax paid service they want! What’s so special about a relatively cheap tax subsidized BART ride!?

    If our illegal guests don’t take offence we might, in the interest of public health, ever so gently suggest that they practice their constitutional right to a thorough wipe with soft non-abrasive copies of the American constitution in the absence or (if preferred) the presence of toilet paper.

    As we all know, the practice of good hygiene of the people, by the people, and for the people shall make all the people less likely to perish from the earth.

  • Nextset

    Ditto what John said.

    As the US moves into a depression – if that is what this is going to be – watch what happens to the invading colonists who were tolerated in better times. The falling price of computerization is making it far easier to make things difficult for people not on the grid.

    We need a round-up day.

  • Turner

    While those kids were out protesting, their school district lost the dollars that the state pays per student in attendance. That stunt was not free. Why couldn’t they protest on a Saturday? It would have been cheaper. That was not smart. Clearly they do not understand that they cost themselves some money.

    And while they are out of class “realizing their power and asserting independence”, their counterparts in private schools, international schools and even their peers in school are focusing on what they should: LEARNING!


  • Jon Simon

    Drawing racial lines in the sand? Being Mexican gives you no extra claim. Your lack of empathy betrays you. You may be registered Democrat, but you’re well on your way to the Republican party.

  • Katy Murphy

    This conversation is becoming too personal for my taste. Let’s stick to the issues at hand, please. Also, for the record, it was John — not Jose — that made the remark about drawing “a line in the sand.”

  • John

    And it was a public policy “line in the sand,” NOT a racial one!

  • Nextset

    Katy: One of the things I remember about the Catholic Grade School is that the Nuns made it clear that we are visible in our uniforms – going to and from school or hanging out after school. If we did anything in that uniform that embarasses the school they would kill us. Now they didn’t use the word “kill” – it was some Nun version of that. we knew what they meant (a beating for starters?).

    Nowadays the public school kids wear a uniform just as much as we did. They are distinctive – when you see a gang of them going to and from school you can say “there goes OUSD” pretty accurately.

    It bothers me when the school’s kids are out in the street – where they can get run over – instead of in their seats in class where they are supposedly safe and getting work done. And they are no credit to their schools acting wild in the streets – having BART bypass stations because they have jumped the turnstiles and occupied the place.

    I keep saying this. What we are seeing is not about free speech or even political speech. It’s all about indiscipline. And it’s the same indiscipline that’s going to keep these kids from rising in society, and will keep their mortality rates jumping.

    The illegal alien criminal thing is just extra credit. I have known immigrants all my life. My parents sponsored a Hungarian Refugee who fled the Soviet occupation there – I have Vietnamese and African in laws – These people came legally sometimes after waiting years to be let in and arriving with no intention of going back. They are very different from the Mexican Colonists who go “home” for Xmas and are recreating Mexico within our borders. So I’m not impressed by these “immigrants” who really aren’t – they are colonists.

    Anyway, students belong in school and in school placed internships and jobs, not committing crimes in the street during school hours. And it’s noteworthy that they have no shame and no fear – for that their schools have failed them.

    Brave New World.

  • Jose, Former Student


    I agree with you.


    you are great at placing labels “Your lack of empathy” on others. Is this your idea of “political consciousness?” Do you realize you “are critizing me for expressing my constitutional right to disagree with you? Is that your view of social jusitce and tolorance in education?

    You did not answer my questions above. Will you answer these questions?

  • Jon Simon

    If you’re agreeing with Nextset, like I said, you’re heading down the road to Libertarianism and Republicanism. Go get yourself a copy of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ ASAP. It’ll speak to your emotions. If that’s criticism to you, then you’ve got to look in the mirror. If you don’t like my comment about empathy, then look at what you said about the protesters.

    Jose said, “It makes us Mexicans feel good to know that you are so concerned about our people’s rights.” That is drawing a racial line in the sand. Jose and the Mexicans on one side, me on the other. It had nothing to do with John. I understand where the confusion came from.

  • Turner


    You talk like Libertarianism and Republicanism are bad or evil. Those are views held by law-abiding, tax-paying, US-loving good old Americans. This is a country where diverse people and diverse views are welcome. They are just different views. Instead of using them as insults, you should try to understand them. Some of them have really good ideas.

    As for students, they belong in school. They have no business protesting during school hours. It’s as simple as that.


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  • John

    Jon Simon: Your warning to Jose about, “heading down the road to Libertarian and Republicanism” comes across like a doctor warning his patient about life style choices that will inevitably lead to a dread disease if the patient doesn’t change his ways.

    Your seeming notion that folks ‘afflicted’ with a different mind set than yours have some kind of mental disorder is perhaps instructive (?) for those contemplating what kind of society we might have with a far left presidency and ‘filibuster proof” democratic congress.

    It’s your kind of extremist intolerant attitude that got folks locked up in psychiatric wards during the Soviet era for openly disagreeing with or contradicting the ideology of the state.

    Perhaps your uncompromising end of the political spectrum would encourage our new executive leader to adopt the following as our national (replacement) anthem?


  • Turner

    Sorry, Jose. My message should have been addressed to Jon Simon.