Skyline students find a human skeleton

While cutting through a canyon near Skyline High School, some teenagers stumbled upon a human skeleton and a makeshift shelter.

Troy Flint, spokesman for the Oakland school district, said the students apparently collected the bones last week, on their way home from Saturday school, and that they brought them Friday to the principal’s office at Skyline, where Oakland police officers later identified them as human remains (A police sergeant told our crime reporter that he thought the kids found the bones today, but that he wasn’t certain).

Investigators say it appears that a homeless person lived in the area where the skeleton was discovered. They found a shelter made of wood and sheets, as well as some cooking utensils. The case is being investigated as a “suspicious circumstances unexplained death.”

The kids sure did a good job of destroying the crime scene, but who knows where their discovery may lead.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • rocky


  • Isabel Rodriguez-Vega

    You would not believe the rumors going around school today. I was terrified. There were about six police cars and a van from the coroners office and a helicopter to top it off.

    People were saying a student died in a brutal fight, I even heard a finger and “pelvic area” were found, flesh and all.

  • Diamond Broussard

    Wow! I also thought that a student had died. This is still completely ridiculous. Things should have been handled differently.

  • John

    When I was a Skyline student (1965-1968) they discovered a body on “senior lawn.” It was near naked but soon recovered and returned to class several days following the regretful notification of next of kin, an OPS Associate Superintendent, that his son had hallucinated on LSD on ‘senior lawn.’

    Anyway, that was the only body ever discovered at Skyline while I was there – a body that believed, for a short time at least, that it was better off dead.

    “Just say no” to drugs kids! Some public service messages never change.

  • Sue

    Well, now I know why the police cars were in front of the school when DH and I arrived for older son’s triennial IEP meeting. Nothing to do with us! (DH has had security called a few times – not for cause – because he’s big, and he gets LOUD when his children need his advocacy!)

    My first thought when reading the description of what was found was a homeless person died in their campsite. Years (decades possibly) ago my father and brother found a body / skeleton when they were hiking around a reservoir that was very low (it was a previous drought, not the current one). The county sheriffs took several months, but eventually determined the remains were from someone who’d jumped from the bridge above and who’d never been found.

    My family had a bit of discomfort over the find, but the family of the deceased person finally had closure after seven years of wondering what had happened. I hope the students’ discomfort is minimal, even though they didn’t treat their find correctly, and that the family of this lost life also have closure and peace.

  • Skyline Teacher

    Isabel — there were some serious injuries in those fights — one kid’s back was apparently seriously injured.

    No deaths though!

  • Katy Murphy

    Did the fights relate to the discovery of the bones, or did they just happen at the same time?

  • D. Broussard

    I believe they just happened at the same time.

  • tiana

    i go to Montera.
    i was told ny teachers/students that the dead body was a student from skyline.
    I am determmining whether or not i want to attend skyline for highschool.

  • Skyline Teacher

    Tiana: The girl was a FORMER student from Skyline. She was a community college student when she went missing.

  • cesar avila

    i was one of the students that found the dead body at skyline