A lesson on race from Obama’s victory

Ronald Johnson, editor-in-chief of the Green & Gold student newspaper on East Oakland’s Fremont campus, had this advice for his fellow students. -Katy

It’s great to see students excited about a presidential election. It’s great to see a minority make it all the way to the White House. It’s great to see the “equality” in America become a little more equal.

But we think there is a lesson here that students at Fremont Federation need to learn.

Obama was dedicated and committed to his goals. He used hard work and integrity to achieve what most would have called 20 years ago “the impossible.” He didn’t let race be an issue that stood in his way to success and neither should we.

Now let’s not let an African American president be a reason, or crutch, for us to just “kick back.”

We should take his achievement and use it as an inspiration to get serious now, as high school students. We as students should take away the fact that with hard work and dedication anything can be achieved.

Let’s use Obama’s election as a something to look up to and put his slogan to use that “Yes We Can!”

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Ben Schmookler

    Well done Ronald. Mr. Schmookler Principal Media

  • John

    Ronald, I hope many others take to heart what you’ve taken from the Obama victory. “Hard work and dedication” is the foundation of meaningful personal achievement. You seemly understand that “kicking back” and living off the successes of others is a sure fire formula for personal failure.

    Being inspired can motivate a lot of positive effort that brings positive results, thereby motivating more effort and greater success, a kind of ‘positive viscous cycle’ that I hope Obama’s victory inspires in more than a few.

    You send a good message to other students and a lot of adults Ronald. I hope to hear and read more from you in the future!

  • Ms. J. Bell

    Ronald,Great Job!Your message is powerful.

    Our students need to be reminded over and over that
    “… with hard work and dedication anything can be achieved.”

    “Yes We Can!”

  • Catherine

    Mr. Johnson:

    I look forward to one day reading about legislation you have helped enact, a fire you have put out that saved a family or the neighborhood school you have lead to success. You are the future of Oakland and one of the reasons our family chooses to live here.

    May your wisdom, commitment and hard work move you to your dreams and ambitions.

  • Eric DuBois

    Your article shows great wisdom. Well written.

    -Eric duBois

  • Beatrice Motamedi

    RJ, it’s young men like you who will show all of us how to move forward in this world of ours. I’m proud of you for expressing yourself so beautifully. Kudos!

  • fiona

    i’m a chinese, happen to see your blog.
    Obama’s success is an inspiration for the black ones, but also for us.