I’m thankful for all of you who contribute such thoughtful comments and posts to this blog. Happy Thanksgiving! — Katy

image from cambodia4kidsorg’s site at flickr.com/creativecommons

Katy Murphy

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  • John

    Why thank you Katy! I appreciate this (your) venue of free and open expression!

  • John

    If your child is not in a class like this, or you don’t work in a school with a colleague like this you have something else to be thankful for:

    Finnish video segment on the recent American election:


    The following dialogue is between a public school teacher and her fourth grade class class, it comes from the above linked Finnish documentary segment (watch it!) about the American election. It has seemingly never been shown on American television. (What else is new!)

    Video segment dialogue:

    VOICE: We want to talk about the presidential election, okay? But I want to ask you, who are you pulling for — raise your hands.

    VOICE: Obama.

    VOICE: You’re pulling for Obama. Who are you pulling for? Any of you pulling for John McCain? That’s fine, say him as well.

    VOICE: Obama.

    VOICE: Obama — oh, Lord, John McCain.

    VOICE: Obama. John — oh, Lord, John McCain.

    VOICE: John McCain.

    VOICE: Oh, Jesus, John McCain.

    VOICE: Oh, Jesus, John McCain. Okay. Now I want to ask you something. Why are you pulling for John McCain? And it’s okay but why are you pulling for John McCain?

    VOICE: Because my parents are going for him, too.

    VOICE: Okay, your parents are pulling for him? Why are you pulling for Barack?

    VOICE: Because I just, I want a black President sometime.

    VOICE: Okay, you want a black President?

    VOICE: The reason why I would pick Barack Obama, because he’s making good changes in the good countries, stuff like that.

    VOICE: So he’s making good changes by our country? Okay. Now, can you tell me just a little bit more like what type of changes?

    VOICE: Like not having a fight between Iraq and having soldiers killed.

    VOICE: So in other words, Barack is going to end that war in Iraq. What do you-all know about that war in Iraq? Huh? Your dad’s in the military. Talk.

    VOICE: It’s a senseless war. And by the way, Kathy, the person that you’re picking for President said that our troops could stay in Iraq for another 100 years if they need to. So that means your dad has to stay in the military for another 100 years.