Fighting truancy, one phone call at a time

This call for truancy-busting volunteers has been circulating online. Has OUSD appealed for clerical help in the past?



Your help is greatly needed to stem the tide of truancy in Oakland.
Our beleaguered school clerks are often responsible for attendance as
well as performing many other duties with constant interruptions.
Because of that, calls to parents to follow up on absences are often
not made.

If you have a daytime hour or two a week, you could help a school
clerk make those calls to parents. Volunteers will be trained and
assigned to a convenient school. A child back in school has great

1. The opportunity for learning,

2. Less likelihood of getting hurt or into trouble in the streets, and

3. Increased income for the school which is based on average daily attendance

We have at least 10 schools in District 3, and 4 volunteers have
signed up already. It would be great to have 1 person for each day of
the week for each school (50 volunteers). Please share this email
with someone you know who would be a trustworthy volunteer with
daytime free hours.

It takes a village…..

For more information, and/or to volunteer, please contact Angela
Haick, 510/879-1460, angela.haick@ ousd.k12. ca.us.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • maat

    Well for all of you that hated TI’s presence. Here is your opportunity!
    You show up at the school be a “role model” for some parents… Encourage them to get their children to school.

    Be on campus and encourage a student to be on time and sitting in their seat to learn all they can from their teacher!

    BE the Change!