The real value of art programs

Something that amazes me everyday when I walk into my sixth-period ceramics class is that every student already has their work out and is extremely attentive. In many other P (as opposed to AP or honors) classes that I have taken, including other art classes, the attendance rate is much lower and the students “mess around” much more often.

There is something about the ceramics program specifically that captivates the students at Skyline. In fact my counselor told me at the beginning of the year, when I was fixing all my classes, that 1,000 students requested to take the class (almost half the school). Furthermore, the majority of the students in the class manage turn out extremely creative and unique pieces of work.

I wrote my last blog about college and the stress that it is causing for most seniors… so I decided to I guess, lighten the mood, by informing everyone of how valuable this program is to the community. It’s one of the few places at Skyline that I have seen such focus and imagination from students who have otherwise been neglected. 

If I have intrigued you enough, feel free stop by Skyline’s Rawley T. Farnsworth Auditorium Wednesday through Saturday (December 10-13) to see our school production of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” (admission is $10). Before the play, the ceramics department will be selling artwork created by the students of both the beginning and advanced classes… makes a great holiday gift!

As a side note, please don’t laugh at me Mr. Raytis, I do really love your class.