Bringing in the New Year

The year 2008 was a very rewarding one.  I accomplished many things and learned a great deal about myself as a student.  I accomplished success in my AP classes and as an officer of the Black Student Union at my school.  I learned that if I apply myself, I am a great student.  I also learned that I prefer history tests to the SAT and the ACT any day.

Many things happened this year, some good some bad.  Our school went through a rough time due to a lack of administration, but we are doing just fine now.  I experienced difficulty in some classes, but summer school ended up being a rewarding experience.  College applications were overwhelming, but now I am reaping the rewards — with my first acceptance, to San Francisco State University!

2008 was also a testing year in education.  Many things occurred, from schools having limited resources to educators’ patience wearing thin after all of the hard work that they have done to ensure that students receive the best education possible.  Yet there is hope that 2009 will be a more positive year, not just in OUSD, but in the whole country.  A new president will take office and an agreement has been reached so that US troops will be out of Iraq by 2011.  With these thoughts in mind, I can look back on 2008 with relief and peace.

My New Year’s Resolution for myself is to just enjoy life and to not become overwhelmed by things that are out of my control.  I’d also like to be more grateful for what I have and not take them for granted.  I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!