Another Year, A New Beginning?

This is a sample article from the upcoming edition of the Skyline Oracle. It was written by me, Isabel Rodriguez-Vega, and a fellow classmate, Eugene Lau.

As 2008 quickly ends and a New Year approaches people tend to reflect on the past year. What was accomplished? What challenges were faced? What goals were met? Just how good looking were you? How many rounds of Russian Roulette did you win? Just enough.

What seems to be more important is not what has happened this year, but rather what will change next year. Especially since 2008 was your marathon of wine tasting in Napa Valley. It was worth it in retrospect though, wasn’t it?

A new year is symbolically a new beginning for some, and people usually set new years resolutions that they hope to follow. Yes, it’s a nice thought, but the truth is a new year is no different from a new day. When you wake up on the day after New Years, you are just gonna want to go back to 2008. Responsibility and the sun is a jerk for wanting you to wake up while still groggy and cranky, and you know you want to rewind those hours.

The only difference is some numbers change on the calendar, a ball drops, confetti is thrown, Ryan Seacrest looks more like an ass and people make a lot of noise. Big deal. Do you really expect your life to change from a simple resolution you set for yourself? If things aren’t going too well for you, chances are that it wasn’t because 2008 was “a bad year” but because you lack enough self-discipline to actually keep your new years resolutions. Seriously, your waist isn’t going to disappear by wishing. It’s about time to get some shorty shorts and act like Richard Simmons all over the dance floor. You gotta work for that body.

Now is a good time to reflect on last year’s resolution, so think about it. How many of those goals did you actually follow through with? “I will…” eat healthier, be more friendly, do my homework, clean my room every week, read the captions while watching The Hills and Friends to catch up on my “reading.”

New years resolutions are just empty promises to yourself, like when you bought that pair of leather pants that was two sizes too small, in an attempt to motivate you to “even out” your body to fit in. We all know we are not going to follow through with the resolutions, but we continue to make them anyways just to please everyone else. There is a certain expectation in our society to set new goals and improve ourselves with the New Year, but this is just another way society is telling you “You suck, you don’t spend enough money on handbags (yea right), you need to change, you are not good the way you are.” Maybe you are happy with your life, how your pants hug your ass, and don’t feel the need to make a new years resolution, but that is never good enough for society, you need to change for the New Year.

Of course, there is always room for improvement within us (especially you), everybody isn’t perfect, but it is unreasonable to expect everyone to go through some kind of magical transformation into sexiest man on Earth, Jude Law, after the clock hits midnight on December 31. It shouldn’t take a new year for you to change the aspects of your life you are unhappy with. You should be able to improve yourself every day, as you see fit. Why not make new day resolutions? You shouldn’t procrastinate till the end of the year to make sure you don’t pass out, or work on improving your tetris score. Strive for better results everyday. You won’t ever get that ass without working it with purpose.

Go ahead, make a new years resolution, but don’t do it because you feel pressured to, or because “everyone else is doing it” (much like that drug habit you picked up). Do it because you truly feel you could improve something in your life, and the New Year is an opportunity to make that improvement. But remember, a new year doesn’t mean a new life. It just means another hang over, and another mess in the toilet seat to clean up.


  • John

    No messes on the toilet seat, and every contributor to this blog, except Sue, will love me by 2050 at the very latest! My resolution for 2009, so help me Obama!