OPD’s days on school campuses are numbered

Come fall, officers from the Oakland Police Department will no longer be providing security at the city’s public middle and high schools.

I’m at the OUSD school board meeting now, and interim superintendent Roberta Mayor has told the audience that the district will discontinue its $1 million annual contract with OPD to save money. (It still has about $29 million in cuts to go, based on Arnold’s latest budget proposal.)

I caught Mayor during a break and asked for a few more details. She said about 8-10 OPD officers work at the schools right now, and that the district could no longer afford OPD’s services as well as its own police force.

You might recall that OUSD re-started its separate police force about two years ago, after illegally shutting it down in 2001. Mayor said the department should have nine or 10 officers by the end of the school year. And, hopefully, a new police chief.

Do you think OUSDPD ready to take over?

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Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • aly

    the ousdpd that i have worked with this year, and unfortunately we’ve had many opportunities to get to know each other, have been incredible. if their response, professionalism and assistance at our school is any indication, i am all for their complete presence in the district. the OPD have been far less responsive and helpful…

  • redwoodman

    It is going to be up to the parents, neighbors and community to help keep kids in school during this budget crisis. With talk of cutting the number of days, every day will be critical to ensure kids come out of high school prepared for college/jobs. If you are out of work now, consider mentoring at a middle or high school. I am sure volunteers are needed for all kinds of tasks. The more adult supervision, the less time ousdpd or opd spends chasing down truants.

  • Ann

    Wasn’t the Oakland police force funded by Measure Y (the violence prevention tax)?

    A Measure Y staffer told that t OUSD received 1 million per year of Measure Y funds.

    Has the City of Oakland pulled all Measure Y monies out of the schools?

  • John

    Ann: ‘Measure Y (passed November 2004) reportedly provides approximately $19 million every year for ten years to fund violence prevention programs, additional police officers, and fire services. Measure Y funds are generated through a new parcel tax along with a parking surcharge in commercial lots.’ You can read a full text of the legislation here: http://measurey.org/uploads/File/measureyfulltext.pdf