“Today our classroom was the National Mall…”

Jacki Barron, Akela Franklin-Baker, Grace Countryman, and Sydney Paderna, sophomores at Skyline High School, wrote or contributed to the below blog posts about their experience today in Washington.

photo by Chuck Kennedy/MCT

Today our classroom was the National Mall in Washington D.C., and we had millions of classmates. Our classroom originally bonded over our mutual contempt for “The Dumpster Bunnies.” Namely, the two selfish morons who thought they were more important than the hundreds of patriots whose view of events their big heads were blocking. We united in chant: “Off the dumpster!” Some classmates attempted to negotiate, while others suggested more violent measures. Thankfully, the potentially calamitous moment was tempered by the crowd’s overwhelming feeling of goodwill. Nevertheless, we were worried lest these barbarians wouldn’t move in time for the ceremony. Our teacher assured us that they would move. Our classmates rejoiced when the “class clowns” finally fell into the dumpsters. Our jubilation has not yet abated. This has truly been a momentous day.

One thing that I will never forget. We were standing out in the freezing cold for about 4 hours, fatigued and on the verge of irritation. But when the time finally came, and Barack Obama arrived to be sworn in, there were smiles everywhere and everyone cheering “OBAMA!” He gave an inspirational speech that I’m sure touched everyone’s hearts, leaving me with something that will stay with me forever, that I can tell over and over again! –Sydney Paderna

Today, my class and I witnessed history. The first African-American President of the United States, Barack Obama, was sworn into office. This event was a widely joyous and enormous celebration, and will be remembered by all those who attended for their entire lives. Barack marked this historic day with a momentous speech. His words were powerful and compelling, and marked a change for America. Obama spoke of the challenges we face ahead, but promised prosperity, hard work, and a new direction for the American people, characterized by peace and economic development. Obama is truly a gifted speaker, and will deliver further excellent speeches to the populace. In the words of our forefathers, “Sectum et Impera!” –Brian O’Connell

Katy Murphy

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  • John

    Hmmm. Oakland middle school & high school classrooms at the Mall. I think Eastmont mall has space, with an on site Oakland police station to match. It might well reduce those early mortality graduation rates.

    If you can’t bring the cops to the high school, bring the high school to the cops.

  • Nextset

    I agree that School Districts with bad school properties should explore renting space at local malls. At the rate of business failures there should be nice vacancies large enough for school needs.

    Back on the the thread… I hope that the schools these kids come from spend time with them studying the adoration of such popular politicians as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin & Chairman Mao by their respective populations – because I have never seen the same thing in the USA until lately. And I was around when JFK stole the election with the help of the Mafia in Chicago and was that period’s “The One”. Even JFK didn’t get this sort of uncritical zombie-like reception. I really hope Obama’s fans don’t turn on him the minute he starts making unpopular decisions. This kind of adoration is often followed by the same measure of rage when things don’t go so well.

    And my Catholic School Classes very carefully covered Cults of Personality. Later in Public School Civics classes we also covered this along with propaganda techniques. It fit the times then, trust no one blindly. As young adults in college some of my classmates who didn’t have that lesson got to meet Rev Moon, Jim Jones and a host of others. Our young people had better get a clue…