Final semester allows for exploration

Well now that it is my last semester of high school I have taken it upon myself to not worry so much about my school work and start exploring things I never got a chance to explore.

High school seems to have flown by and now that its almost over I find myself regretting that I didn’t do more. I was too busy taking AP classes and worrying about getting straight A’s that I couldn’t really explore extra-curricular activities that sparked my interest. Sure, I am involved in clubs and sports and community service, but there is so much more out there.

But now is my chance. I am done applying to schools and my classwork doesn’t take up too much time. Even the classes I have chosen for my senior year were mostly new things I had never tried before. I am actually only taking two core classes along with interesting electives such as Journalism and Digital Film. I have also decided to get involved in the school’s Spring Musical, West Side Story, which is very new for me. I have never done anything pertaining to the performing arts at Skyline before.

Even though the second semester of senior year is thought of as easy and carefree, I believe mine will still be busy and challenging, but in a different way. Rather than occupying myself with intense studying and hard academic work I will be busy with more enjoyable and exciting extra-curricular activities never experienced before. — Isabel Rodriguez-Vega