A small school

I made the most of my mandatory unpaid vacation days last week by driving down to Joshua Tree National Park. Here’s a souvenir from the trip, photos of a one-room school house that rancher/miner/gunfighter Bill Keys built on his property in the mid-1900s for his kids and others who lived in the area. I forgot to ask exactly when the school was built, but Keys lived at the Desert Queen Ranch from 1917 until he died in 1969 (with the exception of a five-year stay at San Quentin Prison after a gunfight with his neighbor).

Katy Murphy

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  • http://www,sfschools.org Caroline

    But did it make AYP with every demographic subgroup??

  • Katy Murphy

    Ha – good one.

    I think there was only one teacher — two, at most — at the school. They probably would have hightailed it out of the desert if they had to cover all of today’s “Content-Area Standards” for each grade.

  • ProStudent

    We could learn so much about differentiation from these teachers. I think the most powerful part about this school is the sense of community–that teacher knew those parents and all of the children.

  • cranky teacher

    These still exist. I know some folks with two kids in a K-12 in Trinity County that has nine kids.

    This is not what we are talking about when we talk about differentiation — this is one teacher tutoring/teaching students in turns.

    If I have nine students at different grade levels, it is about assessing their needs and securing/making the curriculum for that age and ability.

    Differentiation is taking the same subject matter and making accessible and challenging to 30 students of the same age.