And the supe search is … on?

It’s been a bit quiet on the superintendent search front, at least from the public’s perspective. That might soon change.

At a short meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) night that begins at 6 p.m., the Oakland school board settles on a timeline and process for the selection of the next OUSD leader. (That information wasn’t posted a few minutes ago, but I’ll link to it once it becomes available).

The board was once hoping to have someone lined up by April or May. From what I know about these searches, that doesn’t seem too realistic anymore.

What we do know is that Ray and Associates is on the job. I also hear that some old names are cropping up — or at least, that they’re putting themselves forward.

Would you rather see the board hire someone who already knows Oakland well, or someone with a fresh perspective?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • TheTruthHurts

    I must be up too late. I’m so exhausted by this entire prospect, I’m not sure I care. New perspective = too much change. Old hand = continue the dysfunction. Pick your poison. The real question is when the Board will get its authority and be forced to make the tough choices ahead.

  • Oakland mom3

    Oh, please let it be someone new. If it turns out to be someone who has already been in the system/district before, then we will be saddled with the same old thinking and the same political infighting that we have been dealing with for so long. This school district needs some fresh air, new ideas, and a long-term vision and plan. I haven’t seen anyone from within demonstrate those qualities. This district operates in a crisis mode 24/7 with apparently little thought for long-term planning or solutions. And when an attempt is actually made to do so, the effort is often quashed at the first sign of difficulty.

    The thinking down at HQ changes by the hour depending on which way the political wind is blowing. Seems like a tough decision needs to be made? Then it won’t be. HQ is always fearful of parental protest, so the squeakiest wheel gets the oil. Take a look at the Tilden situation. Parents finally got up in arms over the likely closure of the school and, voila, now the school will go forward at least another year. That school should remain open, but not because parents protest its closure, but because it is the right thing to do financially, morally, and academically for all of the broad range of kids it serves. Obviously, the prior recommendation (if it even was that — seems like it was more of a trial balloon to see if anyone would protest its closure) was ill-considered, serving only as a short-term “gain” (the money not spent to fix its structural problem) and not viewing the long-term costs. This seems typical of most of the district’s decisions whether they come from OUSD or the Bd. Now, I also wish the Bd. would get its act in gear and stop its own infighting and melt its general feeling of political importance so that it would also truly look at the best interest of the district and the kids it serves — but that’s a topic for another time (perhaps election year time).

    Anyway, OUSD needs a LEADER. Someone who is really going to advocate for the best interests of the kids and the public school system. This ought not be a job for someone who can’t make tough decisions and who quails at the thought of parent protest. It doesn’t seem that there has been long-term vision and planning in this district for a long time. Given the current budget issues as well, I think that a candidate new to the system and not already co-opted by a specific bloc is necessary. Same old, same old is not going to cut it.

  • Ms. J.

    Would be great if they could get someone who wanted to be here and wasn’t just using it as a stepping stone (like some recent folks). A shame that Chaconas wasn’t good on the financial stuff–not only was he really familiar with the district and its needs and willing to listen to the public (I met with him early on a Saturday morning when I had a concern), he also wasn’t in a hurry to get on to the next thing. Is it possible to find someone like this? Who would think of Oakland