Lessons on violence, guns, police

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I’m still at a loss for words about what happened on Saturday. What do you say to young children and teenagers about the tragedy — or about their safety, in light of the proliferation of weapons in the community? How has the death of four Oakland police officers affected your students, or your own children?

What questions are they asking? 

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Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Nextset

    Where do I start here? Weapons are not the problem. Weapons are the only thing between your family and the feral criminals this government turns loose on the people. We pay police to carry weapons but the responsibility to protect the family is it’s adults, not the police. Repeat after me, the police and the government is not required to protect you. That is optional. You cannot sue the government for not responding to your calls for help except in rare circumstances such as racial or sex discrimination. Myself and (various members of) my family have always been armed going back through the generations to the early 1900s. Some friends have gun safes the size of closets.

    The problem here is feral armed-robber parolees-at-large driving around with an AK-47. Something more likely to happen in Oakland and Los Angeles rather than Boise Idaho or Salt Lake City UT. You’d have a bad day if you ace a car load of M-13 gang members out of a parking space at WalMart or McDonalds.

    The answer is stricter implementation of 3 strikes, the death penalty, and parole searches and controls. Most people don’t know about the wholesale striking of strikes that goes on in the Urban areas of CA such as the Bay Area and doesn’t go on much at all in areas such as Redding, Merced, Modesto, etc. There is a different standard for the blacker and browner areas of CA and that standard is lower standard (as in lower prison terms, lower bail, lower charging, etc). Sad but true and for a long time now.

    So what do you tell the kids? The truth, I hope. The more they learn about the way things are, the better decisions they can make about where they want to live and what occupations they want to prepare for.

    Oakland has it’s ups and downs, but at least it’s not Northern Ireland. Or Beirut.

    Brave New World.

  • http://www.InsideTheCompound.com Brian L. Burleson

    It isn’t the “proliferation of guns” in Oakland, it’s the proliferation of thugs that’s the problem.

    It’s also idiots like Red Ron Dellums who claims we need to make sure these animals are “rehabilitated”. With few exceptions, once a thug, always a thug. They’re not going to be rehabilitated. Keep them in prison for as long as possible, and execute the murderers who’ve spent decades on death row.

  • localed

    Nextset sounds like a scary guy, I hope I don’t cross him on a bad day. Weapons are indeed the problem, and the proliferation of thugs as the next poster mentioned. Our gun culture is responsible. The death penalty won’t solve the problem. I’m at a loss for words too, but I can’t stand people defending guns, not in Oakland especially. I’m too upset to articulate at this moment …

  • Nextset

    The thing you must understand about the supporters of the thugs – Dellums and apologists for the thugs are no better than the gangs they front for. And it took a lifetime for even me to really understand that. They, the gangs and their useful idiot champions, are all one in the same.

    I’m only preaching because I’ve had my taste. I (and family) have had close up and personal encounters a lifetime ago with the SLA, the Black Panthers and the Muslim Bakery Gang. We came to learn quickly they were pure evil. But depending on the seasons they could look good, more than presentable. But some people could just never see the evil – or didn’t want to. I missed Jim Jones and his happy bunch but I did visit Synnanon’s hangout in downtown Oakland (athletic club?) when a friend lived there before the rattlesnakes turned up in the reporter’s mailboxes. When I was at Berkeley the Moonies were recruiting in the dorms and some of the dorm students went off with them and vanished. Later their parents would come looking. Even later I had a classmate battle them in OR when they took over a town and tried urban terrorism up there. Someone else I knew was involved in the Zebra Case.

    So the Bay Area has always had evil wandering the streets and looking good sometimes. And evil always has their fellow travelers and supporters in Oakland.

    So I repeat myself about the weapons. If you want to live in Oakland unarmed, that’s your choice. We (my family and friends) know a lot better. When one of these monsters target you and come for you and your family, 911 isn’t enough. I’d suggest shotguns.

  • ProStudent

    The proliferation of guns is a major problem. If “thugs” only had their fists to fight with then four police officers would still be alive. Are there any gun factories in Oakland? Are there even any gun stores in Oakland?

  • Catherine

    I read over and over about family members of the thug who killed the police officers. The poor guy was trying to get a job, he was trying to get on the right path, it was the fault of the system, the parole officer and the officers who pulled him over without giving him a chance. Uncle talked to thug on when he called from his new car with 22 inch rims on his cell phone.

    Here’s the deal. I work for a living. When money is tight, there’s no cell phone. It took our family three years to save for the down payment on our car and what’s the price of a good assault weapon these days?

    So, how could he be turning his life around? How could he have been paying for all of his toys with earned money, as opposed to “fast money?” So, what I tell my daughter is that her choices have consequences. Thug man made horrible choices that resulted in the consequences of very honorable men dying. That’s what I tell my child.

    I also tell her that bullets don’t have anybody’s name on them and if she does hear helicopters or pop sounds, she needs to get in the house.

  • David

    In Re: Police Powers By School Officials

    A 13 year-old girl was strip searched by AZ school officials because they suspected she was concealing ADVIL on her person. What ever happened to the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?


  • David

    In Re: 4th Oakland Police Office to die – John Hege

    Oakland Police Officer John Hege is an alum of St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA and he was a high school school teacher before employment as an Oakland Police Officer.

    Although I am an alum of St. Mary’s College and a teacher too and I never knew or met the man, I feel connected to Officer John Hege in the values that we share. Service to the community.

    Tears. Tears. Tears.

    Senseless and tragic. Pathos.

  • aly

    my familiarity with the mixon family has left me feeling very uncomfortable discussing the incident with students, but avoiding it doesn’t seem appropriate, either.

    therefore… we’re going to take a social science perspective on the matter. instead of focusing on lovelle as a case study, we’re going to talk about what happens to people when they are released from prison. the lack of support, the fact that all your possessions and assests are likely gone, and why it is so critical to avoid activity that will lead to prison to begin with.

    lovelle may indeed have been making an effort to “get straight.” the more news that comes out, the more difficult it is to believe that. if he was trying, though, he was no stranger to the fact that this world is not set up for ex-cons.

    america is an unforgiving place, and once a mistake has been made, the obstacles one must overcome in order to get legit are nearly insurmountable without extraordinary family resources and support. most families in oakland are not equipped to provide the connections and financial patience to help a loved one fresh out the pen get on their feet again.

    so what do i hope my kids learn from this? that they need to check themselves fast, or this could very well be their future.

  • aly

    ps- catherine: an assault weapon was likely already around. if you live the life the young man did, they’re readily available for a scary low price- around $150.

  • Catherine

    What I am not understanding is why someone Lovelle’s sister would allow the gun in her home in the first place.

    I agree that it is difficult for a parolee to change his life, but how does the parole system, or lack of a support system justify the raping of a 12 year old girl? The DNA was on the girl – after verification with other victims DNA we will probably identify Lovelle as the perpetrator of more rapes.

    I work in a bank where we have mothers, sisters, grandmothers depositing money that was given to them by men – bothers, sons, nephews, grandsons – selling drugs. These men shoot others and bring their guns, drugs and money into the house. They die on the streets, and these women are sad, and everyone of them states that they knew it would happen sooner or later. Every one of them says the “boy” left the house that night saying either somebody’s gonna get shot or somebody’s gonna die.

    Why do we give criminals refuge, then blame the system?

  • Nextset

    Catherine: Here is the answer to your question “why” above.

    The answer is that the blood relatives of feral criminals are typically no better than the parolee. Sure there are exceptions, but they are exceptions.

    The blood relatives will lie for them, they will conceal evidence and provide false alibis (accomplice after the fact), they will accept dirty money and stolen property, they will provide information for targeting future crimes (which is why you don’t hire relatives of such people), and they will sue for wrongful death when the feral criminal does finally get himself killed committing crimes and attempt to extort a nusiance value settlement from victims of crime.

    Blood Relatives of feral criminals typically identify with them – after all, they are blood relatives – unless they absolutely disidentify (disown) the problem child (which is unheard of among ghetto parents and rare among siblings).

    And when I use the term “feral” I mean to say that Mixon was likely a psychopathic criminal since childhood. Clinically speaking he likely had Antisocial Personality Disorder which is preceeded by Conduct Disorder during childhood. These people can’t be fixed – and experts believe the condition is congenital (although attachment disorders can be induced by childhood abuse or Russian orphanages).

    Such males generally don’t marry or stay with a mate, they have numerous bio-children they never raise or care for with an assortment of women. If you want to get something on them the baby-mommas will be the best source. They don’t stay in love much longer than the conception. Besides, he’s not sure he’s the father anyway, but he does know he is related to his sister’s children. She gets angry and can’t understand how he disidentifies/neglects his kids – at least that’s how things appear to her.

    And as far as the rape goes, reproduction is a primary urge easily seen in psychopaths. They do that a lot. And since they can’t care about anybody else’s feelings and have dead consciences, rape is no problem. A 12 year old who looks pubescent around them would be targeted. Another reason for parents to control what their girls run around wearing.

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