Classroom robbery at Oakland Tech

It has not been a good week for Oakland. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this morning’s robbery at Oakland Tech. It happened about 20 minutes before the start of school, while the teacher was out of the classroom. Two suspects — men in their late teens or early 20s — were later arrested up the street, at Longs Drugs.

This letter is going home to families, detailing what happened.

What steps should schools take to protect themselves from dangerous intruders?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Catherine


    Is the teacher okay?

    I don’t believe in locking down a campus because of some thugs. Good for OPD for doing their job and getting the guys – maybe the word will spread on the street.

    Parents should also show up at the trial and the if the two guys are on probation or parole, there should be a stay away order so that they may not be anywhere near the school. By showing up at the trial or sentencing, it will show we mean business when it comes to crime around our kids.

  • Peter

    Uniforms! No kids in classrooms with out a teacher (that’s already the law).

  • Katy Murphy

    Everyone’s fine, physically, I’m told. The teacher had stepped out of the room when this happened, since the class hadn’t started yet.

  • Alli

    As a student, I heard rumors about it through the grapevine until the principal announced it on the loud speaker. She was vague about it, only calling it an ‘incident’ but we quickly learned what happened. Four people were robbed, or so I was told, but everyone is alright, though a little shaken. It’s scary because we live in a little bubble and you don’t think anything bad would happen but it does.

    I’m glad that they were caught before they could do any physical damage.

  • Susan

    This absoultely outrageous! This is wrong on so many levels! For starters, how did these people get on campus without getting checked? I have opposed charters much in the past, but they are small and wear uniforms thus this would hve been caught!

    Second- where was the teacher? A few years ago- my nephew was assauted in a classroom that was left unattended. The kid who did it, got away with it on that day- but my newphew pointed him out. Should be done right?

    Of course not- a group of black students began threatenting to hurt my newphew calling him racial slurs such as cracker and honkie until he had to leave for his safety.

    Back then the district stated this was not policy-yet nothing happened to the teacher. My nepwhew on the other hand- recieved a fractured nose and a broken spirit.

    You know since the police shooting- and also opening my eyes to this city- I must say that Oakland is doomed! As long as we make excuses, stay hands off and exteremly soft and accepting of low performance- this will be the norm.

    Go ahead those no nonsense principals and go ahead charter schools. I fold from this blog and supporting failure.

    My kids will not be raised in this crappy city for too much longer. By the way- i went to the memorial and saw groups of Blacks- yes I said it-BLACKS spitting on the memorial and yelling at thos friends and families of the officers.

    Oakland- The Model City.

  • Real Oakland Native

    Susan, get out of Oakland if you don’t like it here. Believe me, we won’t miss you at all.

  • Nextset

    Susan: Oakland Tech is a ghetto school. You have to understand what that means. It’s nothing new, it’s been a ghetto school for many 16 year generations now. The lives of the students and the staff are not considered the same value as the lives of Piedmont students and staff. You can always just backfill them, if you lose a few it’s no big deal.

    As far as your nephew, he probably learned his lessons about allowing himself to be in such a place. He probably has a better understanding of why CA Urban Schools such as LA Unified are down to 6% White. And he also learned a good lesson about people, one that is not in the schoolbooks but is taught every day in Urban Schools.

    As far as Real Oakland Native – whatever that means – they violent urban blacks haven’t learned any lessons yet. Their lessons will come on the mortality tables. They won’t see what is soon coming for them. That’s the way it goes.

    Brave New World.

  • Chauncey

    The Get out if youo dont like it excuse is usually a line used by thos that have no argument against an opposing view.

    By the way “Real Oakland Native” us fake Oakland natives have suffered from this get out of Oakland mentality. When was the last time chain stores or banks opened up in deep Eat Oakland>

    We do need poeple like Susan- and we have too many ignorant folk like you.

  • Chris Vernon

    Oakland Tech is a remarkable urban high school with dedicated administrators, staff, teachers, and a very active Parent Teacher Student Association which draws students from every corner of the city, including many students from private schools. Every year, kids from Tech’s flagship programs go on to the best colleges and universities in the land. To get a small taste of what really goes on at Tech, come visit. Or feel free to look at the wealth of information about the school on the website: http://oaklandtech.com/staff/

    It’s important to remember that yesterday’s incident, as disturbing as it was, is something that can and sadly does happen in many urban and suburban settings – this sort of thing is not unique to Oakland. The security officers and administration should be commended for their handling of the situation. In cooperation with OPD, they helped ensure that the perpetrators were captured. Fortunately nobody was injured.

    Careful thought is now going into planning ways to further improve security at Tech.

    Chris Vernon – proud parent of an ’07 Tech graduate currently an honor student at UC Santa Cruz and a ninth grader at Tech.

  • MG

    I am an Oakland resident, and a prosecutor in San Francisco, and I am
    outraged. The audacity of the rampant violent crime in the City of
    Oakland, where I was born and raised, reflects an overall absence of
    leadership, and more importantly, vacuousness with regard to coalescing
    with and assisting community based organizations and micro-community
    leaders, in forming and implementing specific and effective strategies
    to reduce violent crime throughout the entire City, with special
    emphasis on the most violent areas.

  • Peter

    Although I posted above that uniforms and teachers in classrooms can help alleviate this type of problem, this is also the type of thing that can happen at any school, any time. I’m sure we all remember Columbine, a “nice” school in an affluent suburb. Calling a school a charter or having a “no nonsense” principal does not create an invisible barrier around a school.
    At this stage, pointing fingers is a useless exercise. As Mr. Vernon (and many former students and current colleagues) point out Oakland Tech is a school with a hard working staff, student body, and parent organizations. It is time to see how we can help this group. And until we are part of the solution, we are part of the problem.
    (And no posting on a blog does not count as a “solution.)

  • Judy


    Join me in San Ramon. It was the best decision that my family made – based on schools and crime in Oakland. My neighborhood and my daughter’s school is also more diverse than my neighborhood and public school in Oakland.

  • Ashley

    Oakland is not the safest place but if you just leave or runaway whenever there is a problem what are you teaching your children?