Strike that: Adult ed is no longer on board agenda

After a request from AFT local president Ana Turetsky, the state administrator agreed to strike the adult education presentation from tomorrow night’s agenda and hold the discussion about the state budget impact sometime after spring break.

The postponement will allow for more public participation, but I’d be surprised if it delays or otherwise alters the deep cuts to adult ed programs. Many of the classes are scheduled to end on Friday, and the agenda item looks like an informational report on the impact of permanent cuts (and fiscal policy changes) on adult education, statewide.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Jim Mordecai

    Katy, are adult ed and early childhood education program cuts discussion both being postponed?

    Jim Mordecai

  • Katy Murphy

    The only item crossed off on the agenda was adult ed. As of this morning, anyway, the early childhood education item was still there.

  • Nextset

    Adult Ed is probably going to be stricken from local school districts budgets in the upcoming budget collapses.

    While I think Adult Ed is very important, the local school districts of California are going to come to a crossroads where they will probably realize they don’t have enough money to educate K-12 students as it is. If that is the case they need to get their mission priorities straight. OUSD is here for the children and not for adults.

    Adult Ed may have to find a place for itself in either State and Federal Employment or Welfare programs or State Jr Colleges.

    By “Adult Ed” I mean basic math and literacy programs for people 18 and over who have failed and neglected to educate themselves in basic literacy and math when they were of age for primary and secondary education.

    The typical reason for that failure is mental illness (conduct disorders, mental disorders, retardation), especially undiagnosed mental illness, parental neglect including failure to provide a stable home and failure to provide basic discipline and logistical support for schooling during minority, and to a lesser degree medical illnesses, injury and other problems.

    University Of California has no business providing remedial math and English A classes. One can say that our school districts have no business providing Adult Ed. Adults need to take their education in adult systems, not systems designed for children and financed to children.

    Especially if the money runs dry for the children’s schools.

  • Nancy

    Effects of deprivation of exerience in early childhood:


    Effects of nutritional deprivation:


    Some of this is irreparable according to the researchers.

    What to do with all of these people? Certainly, Adult Education budgets shouldn’t have to be the total solution to repair these social problems.

    Perhaps this is why Obama is pushing to recruit so many to the USA Service Programs…