On vacation!

The Education Report will be back on April 20. Some of the student-bloggers might post in the meantime.

Take care!

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Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • John

    It’s definitely a lot of fun to go on vacation! I once had a progressive Latino school administrator friend who went on vacation with me. When we drove back into Oakland we sat (motor) idling at a cross walk waiting for slow low cut crotch walkers to pass in front of us. They had ‘attitude’ and kept flashing their wiley smiles and smirks our way.

    I remember my friend saying, “You know John, they don’t get to take vacations. We need to be tolerant.”

    I still don’t feel guilty about taking vacations, am I wrong Mr. Obama?

    Also, leaving Oakland to go on vacation might subject someone to one of the white characters characterized in the following Obama DHS report:


    John, Student Blogger

  • Debora

    Renting a house by the ocean for a week in Cambria CA.

    Stopping by the local ice cream shop every afternoon with my daughter sitting on the bench outside eating ice cream before it melts while talking about how great the sun feels, the elephant seals we saw earlier in the day or whether the tide will be low enough to watch the crabs scamper over the rocks – now that is a vacation.

    Oh, and sitting on the deck playing Scrabble or building with Legos – ah, can’t wait for the August warmth.

  • http://www,sfschools.org Caroline

    OMG, Katy, you left the henhouse unguarded. What happens? A puff piece on Oakland’s KIPP Bridge Academy, home of “let’s see how fast we can push out every single African-American boy in the school” and “how many kids can we get rid of and still exist at all?” Those KIPP PR folks grabbed the opportunity and ran with it — no slouches!