Prop. 1A: Why teachers aren’t all falling in line

photo by Laura A. Oda/Oakland Tribune

One of the six ballot measures in California’s May 19 special election would restore $9.3 billion to schools. But even if the public supports that proposition — titled 1B — it won’t fly unless another measure, Prop. 1A, wins too.

The California Teachers Association is backing both measures. So why did the Oakland Education Association, which belongs to the CTA, break ranks? Why did the California School Boards Association –which endorsed 1B, on principle, but not 1A — and the California Federation of Teachers do the same?

(I’d love to see the OEA and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association join hands and phone bank together on this issue. If this happens, please let me know!)

I wrote a story about this disagreement among education groups for tomorrow’s paper. Jody London, a new Oakland school board member representing North Oakland, told me today that she was “totally conflicted.” I don’t blame her.

If, like London, you haven’t made up your mind, here’s the link to a voter guide from the Secretary of State’s office, and from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office. Ed Source has a helpful voter guide, as well.

If you’re in the mood to be convinced by one side or the other, there are always the Vote No on 1A and the Budget Reform Now  Web sites.

Want to know how these propositions are faring in the polls? Check out the latest Field Poll, released today. (Hint: It doesn’t look good for most of them.)

How will you vote?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Chris Vernon

    No on 1A through 1E. 1B is cynical bait offered by the Guvernator and the ‘Sacramento 6′(the 6 Republican legislators that helped pass the most recent state budget) to get public education and union forces to lay off the truly awful proposal 1A, which would further complicate our budgetary woes for years to come. It’s so awful, because we all know how badly the schools need this money. But the two proposals are structured in such a way that 1B doesn’t come in to effect without passage of 1A.

    Yes on 1F – It’s only common sense that government officials should not receive raises during years with budget shortfalls.

    What frustrates me is that we should instead be voting on propositions to lower the threshhold for passing state budgets from 66% to 55% or a simple majority and to modify or repeal Proposition 13.

  • Katy Murphy

    You know what group I omitted from the article? The State PTA. They have come out in support of 1A. Here’s a news release:

    State PTA rallies to support Props 1A & 1B

    San Jose – California State PTA members and delegates – including President Pam Brady – are taking time out from their 110th annual convention to rally in support of propositions 1A and 1B on the May 19th special election ballot.

    What: California State PTA and parents rally to support Propositions 1A and 1B to protect our children’s education.

    When: 10:45 a.m. Friday, May 1

    Where: 301 South Market St., Guadalupe Room, Marriott Hotel, San Jose.

    Why: Budget cuts to education threaten an entire generation of children, and Propositions 1A and 1B together will restore some of the funds that have been cut from education in California. The future of our children – and our state – is at stake.

    About the California State PTA and the Convention

    About 2,000 members and delegates are attending the annual convention where PTA delegates guide the organization’s future course. For more information on the convention, click here.

    The California State PTA has nearly 1 million members throughout the state working on behalf of public schools, children and families, with the motto, “Every child, one voice.” The PTA is the nation’s oldest, largest and highest profile volunteer organization working to improve the education, health and welfare of all children and youth. The PTA also advocates at national, state and local levels for education and family issues. The PTA is nonprofit, nonsectarian and noncommercial.



  • Brittancus

    Proposition 1A through 1F of the propositions in the upcoming special election consider a NO vote, because it’s downright fraud. Remember you are paying for prison cells, education health care and other forced Federal mandates for illegal alien families. Since proposition 187 those people in Sacramento have stuck it to you. Welfare – $1.8 to $3 billion per year is lost due to fraud in the Food Stamps, Medi-Cal and Cal WORKS programs. Remove illegal immigrants and felons from Cal WORKS. More than 42 percent of California’s taxpayer-funded, Medi-Cal births are to illegal immigrant mothers. Every month, $37 million in welfare and food stamps, health care goes to illegal alien families in Los Angeles county.

    A blockbuster example of fraud is the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Economics writer Ed Rubenstein’s new report, “The Earned Income Tax Credit and Illegal Immigration: A Study in Fraud, Abuse, and Liberal Activism,” The author says immigrants collected about $12 billion from the EITC last year, the majority not paying a cent towards it. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation found high school-dropouts-who headed households pay an average of $9,700 a year in taxes but collect an average of $32,138 a year in benefits. All this money in real dollars is procured from unaware taxpayers. Surf NUMBERSUSA for the truth not the propaganda you expect for the open border zealots.

  • Nextset

    Most taxpayers I know intend to vote against every one of the budget initiatives. What I’m hearing is that they want an end to business as usual and an end to the welfare state. Crashing California is not seen as a problem since most people I talk to don’t intend to retire here and their homes are typically upside down anyway.

    The schools and the state budget are top heavy with subsidies to underclass and foreigners. If crashing it all down is what it takes to make this point, that’s what productive (ie private industry taxpayers) people are willing to do.

    Does anyone know what the polling shows so far on the ballot measures?

  • Katy Murphy

    At the end of the post, there’s a link to the Field Poll released on Wednesday.

  • John L.

    As long as we support illegal aliens, our economy continue to spiral. They have far too many children that don’t believe in education. Five or more children per family, who each have five or more, on and on, yet their culture is TAKE from America, and Americans. Very simply, a system like this cannot sustain itself. People don’t even consider the impact on the garbage they produce that goes into our landfills, roads, consumption of limited resources etc. etc. As someone who has seen firsthand the Tijuana cardboard cities of the sixties and seventies,I understand their plight, however, our great country is breaking under the weight of their presence because they are not here to work, though many do work, they are drawn here for the social services. The typical family of illegals is two parents and five children. Typically, only the father works, subtract the money that is sent back to Mexico, what remains pays rent, (usually shared by multiple families in one dwelling), and clothing. They collect food stamps AND welfare for their American born children, because they work off the books, as well medical, and dental. Sadly, schools are simply baby sitter’s and lunch until they drop out. Now remember, with five children, in two generations, you have twenty five children who live beneath the umbrella of the above. Multiply that by the tens of millions who are here, and you tell me, what is this country coming too?

  • Nextset

    John L: And as long as the public schools are identified with the open borders movement they can expect all the middle class US Nationals to leave and the taxpayers to vote against every budget and tax measure that funds the public schools.

    That goes double for indentifying with black nationalism and demonstrations by public school children supporting criminals (of any color). The farther the public schools are allowed to get from the values of the taxpayers – the greater the opposition to any funding for the public schools.

    We will have a really interesting time in the next 12-24 months as we move further into Great Depression II – regardless of the lies from the government that everything is turning around. And some people are going to be more depressed than others.

    Brave New World.

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