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Teacher union sues state for $12 billion

By Katy Murphy
Friday, May 8th, 2009 at 8:53 am in finances, politics, Schwarzenegger.

Capitol Alert, a Sacramento Bee blog, reports that the California Federation of Teachers sued Schwarzenegger and other state officials yesterday for $12 billion. The CFT says that money is owed to schools under Proposition 98, the constitutional amendment that established a mandatory minimum level of education funding.

This is all wrapped up, of course, in the campaign against Proposition 1A, a deficit-closing measure on the May 19 special election ballot that would establish spending caps and a short-term, $16 billion tax hike. (California’s larger teacher union, the California Teachers Association, has taken a different stance than the CFT. It is backing 1A.)

The latest polls show support for these ballot measures is eroding, as my colleague Josh Richman reported in his politics blog.

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