Wanted: Oakland student-bloggers

After sharing their insights with us during the last year and a half, bloggers Jesse Dutton-Kenny, Isabel Rodriguez-Vega and Diamond Broussard are graduating from high school on Friday. I’d like to publicly thank them for their work — and for weathering the (sometimes friendly, sometimes biting) public commentary with grace.

This means, of course, that I’m looking for new Oakland high school student-bloggers. Teachers too.

If you like to write and you would like to share your perspective on going to school and/or growing up in Oakland — or if you know someone who does — please email me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • cranky teacher

    I’d like to suggest more aggressive policing of comments on student blogger posts than you do on your own, Katy. Especially for kids younger than 16.

  • cranky teacher

    Clarification: I’m talking about the reader comments, not the author’s.

  • Nextset

    Hmmmm. Let’s hear more about Cranky’s suggestions on a blog thread of it’s own. I suspect he wishes Student bloggers in public discourse to be in a more sheltered cove, where never is heard a discouraging word.

    If that’s Cranky’s intent – maybe we should blog as to the pros and cons of such a policy? I for one have yet to see the advantage of treating teen posters more than somewhat differently that adults. One of my concerns has always been that the OUSD teens are deliberately kept sheltered and coddled so that they are impaired when they walk out the door and take their place in the adult world of work and school. And I don’t consider this blog a dark alley where some poor child can get clobbered all alone in the night.

    But I do know the people who perpetuate feet binding of the young. They are typically nowhere to be found when the kids fail for lack of preparedness.

    I recently talked to a student I knew who is job interviewing for a position in the bay area in vocational tech. He is 21 with Jr College level training. This is his first career job. $40/hr. This is a person who got warnings from his high school he was in danger of not graduating – 3 months before graduation. He had some discipline to learn, and he got a lot of that during Voc Ed. I’ve followed his progress, now he’ll do fine.

    There is work for people without 4 year degrees, honest work that allows self sufficiency. A state licenced vocation helps (keeps competition down). Our schoolkids aren’t going to get these things if the schools don’t make them competitive as people and workers. And part of that starts learning to work the English language and to take critism and disagreement.

    Brave New World (and I’ll bet that fries some people by now!)

  • Nextset

    “starts” in para 5 should be “includes”.

  • Katy Murphy

    I haven’t had too many guest bloggers under the age of 16, but this is something I have wondered about.

    I think there’s a way to turn off the comments feature on an individual blog post. I’d feel more comfortable doing that in some cases than stepping up the “policing” of comments. This is something I’ll discuss with each student-blogger.