EXCEL teacher Andy Kwok signs on for Year 3

photo by Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group staff

Remember Andy Kwok, the young high school biology teacher who let us shadow him through his first year? We checked up with him recently to see how he and his students at West Oakland’s EXCEL High School were doing.

You can find the story, which ran in today’s Trib, here.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Debora

    Andy: My daughter is still in elementary school. She is taking anatomy at UC Berkeley this summer and one of the things she is doing is dissection of animal organs, including brains (using slaughter house animals as well).

    I showed her what your students had to say.

    I really appreciate that you are in our district. The work you are doing will make a difference. I know that many will say, look at how many kids don’t show up. But you show up for those who also show up and move their lives forward.

    Thank you – See you next year!

  • cranky teacher

    The saying I’ve heard for teaching in OUSD is…

    …Two years is expected — more and you’re a hero; less and you’re a loser.

    Course, that’s exaggeration for effect.

  • Tell it Like It Is

    With all due respect- your nuts!

    You aint teaching-your preachin’.
    Overpaid babysitters and accomodators are what you and Oakland ghetto teachers are. Dont hate, I am one of your students a few years in the future and can tell you this with a smile.

    Good Luck to you cause I know you are already looking ahead to what is next- as you should if you’re smart.