Latinos and the future of America (and Oakland)

FLYP recently published a forward-looking piece, Bienvenidos to the New America, about how the future of the United States may hinge on the education and well-being of the growing Latino population. Here’s an excerpt:

In 2050, according to census projections, 63 million Americans will be of Hispanic origin, accounting for more than one-quarter of the total population.

Now, consider two alternative trajectories offered by Henry G. Cisneros, former mayor of San Antonio and former housing secretary under President Bill Clinton. In the first, Latinos become solidly middle class, “contributing new creative energies and youthful skills, engaged in building a new American future.” In the other, Latinos remain a “large, undereducated, under-compensated, alienated and divisive force in American society.”

The difference: an America that prospers in the 21st century, or one that fades into decline. As Thomas H. Castro, a prominent Mexican-American business leader puts it, “the well being of America is going to depend on the well being of Hispanics.”

In Oakland’s public schools, Latinos have become the largest ethnic group, making up about 37 percent of the student population. (You can find the breakdown, by ethnicity, here.)

Accordingly, a good deal of the education reform — small schools, for instance — has taken place in predominately low-income, Latino areas of East Oakland. But, as we saw with the death of 13-year-old Josue Lopez-Gil, gangs have a strong grip in those areas as well.

What trajectories do you see for the city’s low-income Latino children — and their children?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Nextset

    As a group the Mexican Americans have huge problems. In CA we are not dealing with “Hispanics”, we are dealing with Mexican Indians. Other states have Cubans or Puerto-Ricans, etc.. The groups are very distinct and have different issues and profiles. And they don’t like each other.

    Our group (Mexican-Indians) has been imported into the USA by the elites to replace the blacks as the new underclass. They are in no way expected to provide serious social/economic competition for the Elites. They will totally marginalize the Blacks – and that is exactly the plan. In Los Angeles the Mexicans have been ethnically cleansing black neighborhoods with gunfire. The same process is beginning in Northern CA.

    I suppose that’s just the way things go. Darwinism.

  • Katy Murphy

    What evidence do you have to support this ethnic cleansing theory? And why do you think it’s happening here?

  • Catherine

    At Fruitvale Elementary and Garfield Elementary I personally know of at least 6 families in each school where the older children are kept home to take care of the younger children. Each of these students are achieving at below basic or far below basic for their grade levels. A couple of the students began their “babysitting career” in first grade, the majority in second and third grade.

    When the parents are consulted they often state that this is their culture, it is a culture of the family. The parents need their children cared for by older children so they can work.

    What I am afraid of is that we will bend over backwards to accommodate “culture” at the expense of the student, our school district and our society.

    I believe that Mexicans and Central Americans who come across our border to work, and who do the work that allowing us all to enjoy the fruits of their labor (literally and figuratively) should be welcomed into our country with open arms AND I believe their children should be required to learn standard English and attend school every day they are not ill. I would support efforts to make school attendance a condition of remaining in the country for those with children of elementary and middle school ages.

    The opportunity people flee to this country to obtain is accomplished with and through an education and strong English skills, when parents deny their children day after day of school, they deny their children the opportunities they came here to be granted access to.

    Yet both schools mentioned above have policies that do not allow teachers to call social services when children are kept home as babysitters for siblings. Even when the teachers want to put a stop to the practice their hands are tied.

  • Gordon Danning

    I assume that Nextset is referring to this: http://www.newsweek.com/id/61950

  • Nextset

    Katy: Los Angeles is having remarkable Mexican on black stranger shootings (including attacks on stranger children by adults), I will link some of the writings on that later when I see more stories. It’s been going on for some time and is escalating. The Mexicans are staking territory and attacking any blacks found walking or driving in those areas. The shooters are presumed to be gang members as opposed to householders. Perhaps we can construe all of this as territorial disputes in drug franchises. I think it’s more.

    We have an iceplant in the garden issue with all this. The Mexican Indians are more than a match for the home grown blacks in various skillsets (try 7+ points more on the group average). When they come in they are expected to supplant the blacks completely as a group. Those who open the borders and shut down all illegal alien removal programs know exactly what they are doing and the logical consequences of those policies. The end result of all this is that the staff at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles on Pico (been there..) is converting to nearly all Mexican employees to the exclusion of blacks who used to be the entire workforce. And Roscoe’s is at the heart of what was Black “society” for want of a better word.

    The ethnic cleansing by lead creates problems for the public schools also – not that LA Unified will ever admit anything. If they wont maintain clean bathrooms do you think they’ll keep the black students from being muscled out? The use of lead is only an extreme example or a general process of takeover.

    This is the future that is coming to Oakland – just a few years north up I-5 and 101 – and to the nation as well. It’s evolution in action. What can you do? By the same token the Mexican population in the USA cannot match the white/jewish/asian groups in economic competition for reasons best explained in “The Bell Curve” short of intermarriage which is occurring. Following intermarriage the later generations will no longer be “Mexican” although admittedly with Mexican influences.

    While some people may believe all this is just a random occurrance of policy affecting the unfolding future I prefer to go with “there are no accidents”.

    Any way you slice it, the black folks are in big trouble. It’s too bad the public schools didn’t serve them as well as they did prior to Johnson’s “Great Society”. More of them might have worn better.

    In the mean time the public schools will have a whole set of ethnic behaviors and norms to get used to from the (lower class) Mexican Indian group. Like child sex as a norm, single motherhood, early child production with multiple children, disinterest in speaking English, disinterest in education, alcholism/addiction, lawless violence, and really strong gang discipline (far greater than blacks have).

    As to the group average thing, relatively small differences in the group average produce large differences in the group viability. This is seen in comparing national averages even in adjacent nations. Our elites who went to university and now make public policy are quite up on these things even if they never discuss it publicly. When they flood the US with foreign nationals due to policy settings they have seen charte as to the expected result in unemployment, housing, education. But hey, you can sure get a good housecleaner or fry cook now at low cost…

  • La Razon

    Meztizo Indians of the Mexican Valley once predicted that the 5th sun would rise and the childre of the sun would reclaim their lands. This was predictied even before the land was lost to another vision by another culture (Manifest Destiny).

    Now , i am not a fight the power , brown is beautiful type of fist pumper. I acknowledge that most of the histories learned of our ancestral lineage is a revisionist historical matter-yet, it is a fact that Latinos will be the force to be reckoned wth in the future.

    So who are we?

    I agree with Nextset that their are many divisions withhin the “Latino”umbrella. What is so crazy about that? Do all whites get along? Visit Ireland, right? Or how about Africans? Regions must get strategic with whom they have on their horizons.

    I have alwyas thought that the reason it is very difficult for Mexicans to assimilate to this country on the west coast, is due in large part to how close we are to our land. We are literally, a ride down the freeway away from it. Thus Mexican parents will tell their kids how wonderful mexico is and how advanced that society (this is natural of course- Mexicans have nationalistic Pride as do others) and kids will internalize this, coupled with the Tolerant liberal white culture that says we must understand their culture. Many Mexican parents do not have a strong belief in education that is demanding simply because they do not understand what is at stake.

    So, I ask- what is the mexican American culture? Its a hybrid, not just of 2 countries but many other things.

    I am Mexican American and can tell you from within my family their are many cultural differences. Many Southern mexicans criticize Northern Mexicans and their cultural differences. With Mexican Americans this manifests in Sur Or Norte and ends up in bloodshed.

    The fact is that we as the state of California must establish a platform for the Mexican peoples as they enter into our schools, workforce, prisons, welfare rolls, etc.

    I agree with catherine as well, we must teach english, and yet support Spanish possibly in the similar fashion of hebrwe schools.

    Yet what I see is that the latino political force accepts an excuse the culture ” view for Mexicans that will become the DNA of the future of our race.

    Though it is to polotically incorrect, I support the DREAM act and would refine it to say that as a trade off, those families whose kids do not attemnd school, become ganga members, etc- should be held acountable through Visas and other measures to immigrant status- while those illegals students who progress yet cant move on in society due to their status- should be allowed to move ahead.

    i am not sure what Sun we as Mexican are in now, but I do know that the 2nd and 3rde genreations of mexican decendants need to get ther act together and realize that we aint going back to Mexico- our barrios are ours to deal with now and in the future- or at least til Guatemalans take over our roles which is the next chapter.

  • Marsha

    Did anyone check the math when the US census said 63 million people in the U. S. A. will be of Hispanic origin which will be one forth of our population in 2050? Are they aware of how many people are in the country now?