Kindergarten enrollments in the hills

I blogged in March about school assignment letters and the spike in neighborhood applications at Oakland’s high-altitude schools.

Well, some people may have just been hedging by applying to their local public school. In some cases, the actual registration numbers at these high-demand schools — while still high — are lower they were back then, or have remained steady. Redwood Heights looks particularly overcrowded, but the 54 children will be split between two and a half classrooms.


Chabot 97 87
Crocker Highlands 65 65
Hillcrest 40 40
Joaquin Miller 61 63
Kaiser 48 46
Montclair 96 89
Redwood Heights 52 54
Thornhill 80 68

Other stats:

  • Six of 10 children redirected from Thornhill were given the option of returning. Four children remain on the Thornhill waiting list.
  • Eight neighborhood children remain on the Hillcrest waiting list. Six of the redirected children who were originally redirected to Kaiser are enrolled at Hillcrest. 

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • mb

    Katy-Do you have the numbers for Kaiser and Crocker Highlands? They were also in your original post.

  • Katy Murphy

    Kaiser’s there, but I don’t have Crocker’s admissions or registration numbers. I’ve put in a request.

    I understood that all neighborhood children and younger siblings were admitted to Crocker in March.

  • Katy Murphy

    Crocker: 65 admitted, 65 registered

  • Paula

    Hi Katy,

    Do you have the numbers for Glenview? Last I heard, we were opening another class. I’m curious what the numbers are.

  • ElemParent

    Katy —
    Thanks for these numbers — to clarify, are these neighborhood admissions and registrations, or all admissions and registrations?

    I’m particularly curious about the Kaiser numbers. I know of at least 4 kids who are not neighborhood kids or siblings of current students who have been admitted to Kaiser for kindergarten in the fall. Are they included in the 48/46 (which doesn’t sound right), or are they in addition to the 48/46 (which doesn’t sound right either)? How many kindergarten classrooms are there at each of the schools? Thanks again for the stats — they’re very interesting.

  • Katy Murphy

    These figures represent all admissions and registrations, as of late last week.

    I know Kaiser took redirected students from the Hillcrest area. Could that be the case?

  • ElemParent

    Thanks Katy —
    Kaiser probably shouldn’t be included in this group of schools that fill up almost exclusively from the surrounding neighborhood, since I gather most Kaiser neighborhood kids do not attend the school.

    And none of the 4 kids I know from outside the Kaiser neighborhood are Hillcrest redirects. Could you find out what the breakdown is for Kaiser neighborhood kids versus Hillcrest redirect kids versus other kids in the 48 admitted and the 46 enrolled?

    It would be very helpful for my school to know, since we are continuing to lose (non-PI) kids to Kaiser, which doesn’t seem like it should be possible, based on the Options process on the OUSD website. I don’t fault individual families, but if there’s a loophole, it would help my school to close it up!

    Thanks for any more information you can get.

  • Katy Murphy

    ElemParent: Sorry for the delayed response.

    You’re right. Although Kaiser initially admitted only ONE out-of-neighborhood child without an older sibling to its incoming kindergarten class, it has since been able to take about 12 transfers, according to the Options office.

    Those seats have opened up as families who were initially admitted into the school have chosen to enroll their kids elsewhere.

  • OakKindergartenMom

    Katy, I was wondering if Crocker got back to you yet with their numbers.

    To the person asking about Glenview. I know they added a kindergarten class and took a bunch of people off the wait list early on.

  • Katy Murphy

    OakKindergartenMom: I posted something on Crocker’s numbers a couple of weeks ago (above, #3). Were you looking for something else?

    Here are some more details about Glenview: It had four kindergarten classes in 2007-08, just three in 2008-09, and will have four again this year, according to district staff.