Supreme Court makes big special education ruling

Yesterday’s decision by the United States Supreme Court could make it easier for parents of special needs children to demand reimbursement for private school tuition — and it could potentially cost school districts millions of dollars.

You can read the New York Times piece here.

How do you see this ruling affecting families and schools in the Bay Area?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Tildenparent

    The parents and staff at Tilden Elementary have been for quite a while struggling to protect and expand what Justice Souter named in his dissenting opinion, “a satisfactory alternative within the public schools.” We have been defending the right to an inclusive and supportive school environment as integral to the full development of our children along with their right to particular essential services. It is refreshing to know that in effect the Supreme Court has validated the claim that our children deserve Special Education services AND quality inclusive schools. One side of that equation does not work without the other. Some parents have sought that combination outside of the public school system. We have done so within it. Again, it is refreshing to know that if we do not have sincere partnership in crafting a vision of quality inclusive schools in OUSD, we can begin to promote an alternative for our own children and for other children outside of it. We have, in our recent struggle, committed ourselves to collective solutions. While we could have limited our efforts to our own individual children, we are convinced that both we and they benefit from a school community united to support them. This is especially true for the children of parents without the time and resources to secure more costly options.