A fake documentary on school chaos

While we’re on the subject of teacher retention, have any of you seen the 2006 mockumentary Chalk? I found the below trailer posted on the Learning Matters blog. (For the record, I was probably just as confused by the teacher’s opening question about history as the hapless kid in the front was…)

Katy Murphy

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  • Cranky Teacher

    Yes, it’s hilarious, but probably only for teachers. It was done by two Texas teachers-turned-filmmakers and is spot on of life for the staff of a mediocre public school.

  • Nextset

    This reminds me how good my high school was.

    All the staff were adults, not young adults. They were my parent’s generation. There was no uncertainty about authority – none at all. In my minds eye there was plenty of grey hair. The primary school teachers might have been younger. The high school staff were older and better educated. Some of the teachers had educated my classmate’s parents.

    Maybe that’s how we avoided much of this silliness.

    I do remember some of the high school deans and counseling staff being younger, maybe in their mid 30s. There were no teachers at all in the school in their 20s, None. Younger teachers were in the lower classes, not high school.

    I remember some teachers retiring during the time I was in high school. They were in their 60s.