The test results are in. How did your school do?

First things first: You can find out how your state, county, district, school and/or grade did on California’s 2009 spring standardized tests by clicking here.

If you want schoolwide scores (rather than grade by grade) for Oakland, you’re in luck. Once again, the Oakland school district’s number crunchers have come through by compiling a very readable and informative spreadsheet that looks at results, by school, for English language arts and math.

The right half of the spreadsheet shows the percentage of students who showed proficiency in math or English, as well as the percentage-point change from last year. (Green is good. Red is not.) The left half shows the percentage of kids who scored poorly on the tests. 

As you can see, most of the elementary school’s scores improved, once again. This year, many of the middle schools did, too; check out the math scores for West Oakland Middle School and Cole.

There’s so much information, it’s a bit overwhelming. What caught your eye?

photo by Cindi Christie/Contra Costa Times

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • http://perimeterprimate.blogspot.com Sharon

    Thanks, Katy. Where is a similar comparison of the results for Oakland’s charter schools?

  • Katy Murphy

    I KNEW someone was going to ask.

    Unfortunately (and perhaps this is your point?), I don’t believe you’ll find a similar comparison of charter schools from the district, from the charter school associations or — today, anyway — from me. Maybe in a couple of weeks, when the API comes out.

    By way of background… It’s mind-blowingly laborious and time-consuming to analyze this particular test score release (as opposed to the API), because you have to call up each school separately and compare the changes at EACH grade level and test.

    I haven’t figured out, yet, how to do what OUSD did to generate a single percentage for each school. Maybe one day I will possess the software and analytical powers to do it myself…

  • Nextset

    Katy: I just took a quick look. I pulled the scores from OUSD by Ethnicity for Blacks.

    They are so appalling I wonder why we even speak of these kids as being “educated”. Look at the numbers for each grade for each subject that are proficient or above and the numbers below basic or worse.

    One could argue that the black kids could pull scores like this staying at home and reading comic books. I wonder if there is any value added by having them go to this “school” at all.

    I also pulled similar scores for Piedmont High Schools. There were so few blacks there that there were not enough students for a report. 2 or 3 students for each grade level. And that is the Brave New World at work – sorting being done all by itself.

    It’s too bad the report won’t allow sorting by German Jewish ethnicity. It would be fun to compare OUSD and Piedmont and see the exact reverse of the black ratios.

    If we are going to have these educational concentration camps we should be producing more results for the inmates and the money we are throwing into the concentration camp.

    I don’t care how black they are. I know these students can do better than this. It would require administration and faculty who are more concerned with results than the students comfort and pleasure and “self esteem”. Perhaps we should set Veteran’s Preference points so high that all the incoming teachers are Military Vets? Because that kind of culture is what’s needed at OUSD rather than the kinder gentler approach that has been tried and failed ever since the Great Society takeover of education in 1964.

    You can do better than this with working class and proletariat children. The Catholic School systems across America and in Oakland have done better with less money all the way back through the depression and through the War relocations, 24 hour shiftwork and the men gone to WWII. (Currently they are not so much in the business of educating proles – I’m referring to 50 years ago.) I’m not saying we can make the black children college ready – few are college material it would seem at this time. We can and we should make the bulk of them ready for work rather than prison. Looking at these scores I fear OUSD is grooming them for prison.

    I don’t care how missing, how stupid or how anything their bio-parents are. No excuses. A good school can take poor, proletariat children and make something of them. It’s been done across history and it’s been done across the US in the past including with black populations. It’s not being done here because OUSD is deliberately producing prison fodder and whenever pressed for explanation blaming everything but the school operations for it.

  • Math Teacher

    Don’t be too impressed by the district’s calculating skills. Edusoft allows teachers and administrators to compare different groups of students by subject/grade/course/year/etc literally with the push of a button. =)

  • Katy Murphy

    OK, I guess I’ll suspend my awe. But wait — you’re a math teacher! Your calculating skills are probably unreasonably high to begin with.

    I actually do like math. Maybe what I need is a program like Edusoft. Some reporters didn’t even have EXCEL on their computers until the last year or two, though, so I’m not holding out much hope.

  • AC Mom


    Has anyone sorted the CST scores, such that one could identify the top scoring schools in the state? The statewide score source files are rather large, and I was hoping that someone may have already provided that information.

  • Katy Murphy

    Good question. It’s possible, but I haven’t come across anything of that sort this year.

    The new API scores and schoolwide rankings are scheduled to come out a week from Wednesday, though. Since those give us a single score for each school (as opposed to a bunch of percentages for each test), it should be easier to sort the data and find what you’re looking for.

  • Carny Asada

    While I share NextSet’s concern about whether Oakland schools are serving black students well, I am disturbed by a couple things in the post. First off, why are German Jews in the picture at all? Is NextSet trying to assign some sort of responsibility? Should we also check the number of Scottish Presbyterians and Orthodox Greeks in each school district? What will that prove, besides the fact that Piedmont is whiter than Oakland? Don’t we already know that?

    Secondly: Yes, Catholic schools have a history of doing more with less. They also have a history of relying on staff that can work on poverty wages: nuns and priests.

    Thirdly: The suggestion that black students need a drill sergeant in the classroom seems … well, racist. Students of all colors benefit from discipline in the form of consistent application of clearly spelled out rules. This does not mean you have to turn a school into a stockade.

  • Tildenparent

    According to the report of test scores in OUSD, the 2nd and 3rd grade students at Tilden Elementary do not exist.

  • Debora

    You want to see something absolutely great in OUSD? Look at the scores at Redwood Heights! But first, look at the ethnic mix – then look at the nearly non-existent gap. Then look at the scores.

    Great job Redwood Heights community! The results show me that a strategy has been worked out for nearly every group and nearly every child. This is the way a school should treat their students.

    Quickest way to view the breakdowns – http://www.greatschools.net