An education reporter, on vacation in September

School just started Monday, and here I am, about to jet off to Chicago for the rest of the week. In fact, I don’t get back until Sept. 9.

Here’s the thing: I only have one sibling — my little sister, Bridget — and she’s getting married on Saturday. She has requested my presence mid-week, and who am I to deny her? I’m her “best woman,” after all…

I’ve lined up a blog post for tomorrow, and I’m sure I’ll be checking in to make sure you’re behaving yourselves, though not nearly as often as I usually do.

So if you’re a new commenter and your contribution is trapped in the “moderation” room for a little while, don’t worry — it’s nothing personal.

Have a good week. And please, try not to let any major news break until I return.

image from David Paul Ohmer’s site on flickr.com/creativecommons

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • anonymous

    I live behind the Oakland Schools Building at 900 High Street. There have been an unprecedented amount of good/used desks, tables, shelving units, mounds and mounds of desks both metal/plastic and wood being thrown away. Usually, we who live here are the only ones who can see this. Usually they throw away all of this useful equipment in the several dumpsters on the property. we who live here know that if we or anyone goes to the front of the building and asks if they can have something, that almost everything in the huge warehouse space, plus out back would be given away for free. I know, I have two very nice wood bookcases.
    What concerns me is the sheer volume of useful items piled up in the last couple weeks. Almost none of which was damaged as we watched truck after truck throw things into this pile.
    Not only is this an affront to Oakland stating that there’s no money, as each piece could be sold, but it’s become a major eyesore to those of us who live here.
    The local official stated previously that nothing can be sold just given away since it would cost more in labor/payroll to do so, and that there’s no current provision for selling off surplus items.
    I must say, it didn’t bother me before too much until I saw two-three pallet-loads of what was obviously carefully pallet-wrapped little children’s oak chairs. Someone obviously thought it would just be stored. These could have been offered to parents or home-schoolers. But, no one seems to know about this or care. Thus, this text to you. Address again for building is 900 High Street. – A