Nedir Bey withdraws Oakland charter school bid

Nedir Bey, a “spiritually adopted” son of the Your Black Muslim Bakery founder, Yusuf Ali Bey, wanted — and maybe still wants — to open a charter school in Oakland.

Yes, this is the same Bey who owes over $1 million to the City of Oakland and who was charged with abducting and torturing a man in 1994 (He pleaded no contest to a felony charge of false imprisonment). And, more recently, who was once a school site council leader at Fruitvale Elementary School.

Bey had proposed founding a middle school called the Marcus Garvey Public Charter School at 2628 San Pablo — a petition that he withdrew last week without explanation, via a one-sentence letter.

On the petition, he consistently spells his name “Nedar,” instead of “Nedir,” and he signs it that way, too. Another name change, perhaps? And, as one of my Trib colleagues pointed out, one of the members listed for the proposed charter’s board of directors was Natalie Bayton, who voted to loan Bey’s failed healthcare company the $1.5 million when she served on the Oakland City Council back in 1996.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Nextset

    The Bakery Gang. With a School. Hmmm Didn’t the Black Panther Gang have a school also? Perhaps Oakland sets the standard for local gangs having schools.

    Well if the OUSD schools are as terrible as their reputation we can have Charter Schools for every good sized corporation in Town. IKEA Charter School, Kaiser-Permanente Charter School… Just like the Credit Unions.

    And maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. Just like the Credit Unions.

  • oakie

    Too bad. It would greatly enhance the fine education already offered by OUSD. They deserve each other.

  • NJW

    Spooky freakin boo, what is with this guy? Strip him of his clout, whatever there is of it remaining and reject this goofballs attempt to further his own interest.

  • harlemmoon

    How many ways can you spell disaster.
    Say, Katy, is the district board actually courting this debacle-waiting-to-happen?

  • James

    the Black Panthers started the free lunch program in Oakland.

    just sayin’

  • Nextset

    It was a long time ago, but i seem to remember they had a school also which got them government funding in the form of grants. Of course there were irregularities with the money. The bookkeeper was murdered and found floating in the bay. A white woman. After that the gang leader at the time, Elaine Brown, fled for Paris. No one was ever prosecuted for the murder of the Panther Bookkeeper who was there to deal with the accounting required for the subsidized “school”.

    I wouldn’t want anyone I care for to be the bookkeeper for the Bakery Gang either.

  • Nextset

    The murdered woman had a name. Betty Van Patter. Here is an article about her. Most noteworthy is that she was a leftist. Just like Faye Stender, another murdered white (jewish) woman who was killed by her pet monsters in the East Bay.


    This isn’t completely off thread because it is related to what can happen in these offbeat “Charter” schools – and what has happened before with them even here in the East Bay.

    Every gang wants a school of their own. Saves a lot of work with recruiting – and the gang needs day care also.

    Some of you may have read about the fate of the Mooonie kids, the Synnanon kids, the Black Panther Kids, and all the other gang children who grew up in the gang. Well they had their own schools also – even a “homeschool” scheme. It’s important not to have the kids too far from the gang control. Never know what kids will say…

    And the Bay Area is notorious for gangs. Complete with gang costumes.

    It’s all history repeating.

    Brave New World.