In Memory: Skyline mourns loss of math teacher

Jonathan Trinh is a Skyline High School student.

This past weekend the Skyline community endured another devastating loss of a beloved teacher. Mr.  James Delbridge passed away after battling cancer for many years.

Monday morning began with a school-wide notification and touching eulogy by English teacher Mr. Tim Jollymore. Some staff and parents were informed of his passing the day before.

Many students that knew him shed tears as the announcement was made. Teachers were also broken up by the loss. Six substitutes, for instance, were ordered to fill in for teachers that appeared to be absent as a result.

Mr. Delbridge taught math in the Oakland Unified School District for twenty years and was an avid supporter of Skyline. Beyond teaching he held tutoring services in math welcoming all students – not just his own. More so he is remembered as the man who persevered and didn’t allow his struggle with cancer to drain his bright smile and prevent him from teaching. Some students expressed that he never displayed any sign of a health problem.

Senior Nancy Bui remembers her junior year math teacher and tutor as “an amazing person.”¬† “He was passionate about his teaching and his smile was contagious,” she said.

Senior Angela Wu described Mr. Delbridge as a great human being who was one of the best teachers at Skyline. “Even if you weren’t his student, he was always there, offering his assistance.”

This was the first loss for the school this year. Just a year ago, Skyline endured the loss of another cherished parent and personnel, Ms. Tonya Burns.

Memorial services are being planned for Delbridge in Berkeley later this month.

Jonathan Trinh

  • Oakland Teacher

    What a loss for Oakland. He was widely respected by his students and appreciated by their parents.

    My thoughts and prayer for his family.

    Godspeed, Mr Delbridge

  • Dan Adiletta

    Thank you for your service, Mr. Delbridge.

  • Skyline Mom

    Mr. Delbridge was a kind and gentle person who always wanted the best for his students. I feel very fortunate that my son had him as a teacher. He will be truly missed,

  • Student

    Mr. Delbridge will be greatly missed by everyone who ever knew him. His perseverance and kind heart will be remembered.

  • Christopher Scheer

    Jonathan, thanks for writing this.

    Students, alumni, colleagues and parents can send remembrances and appreciations of Mr. Delbridge for publication in Skyline’s student newspaper, The Oracle, to me at cwwscheer@yahoo.com

    Christopher Scheer
    adviser to The Oracle

  • Chauncey

    A good honest man and respected educator. My thoughts to his loved ones.