A slice of life, from a middle school kitchen

cooking class at Melrose Leadership AcademyI love to hear (or read) the stories teachers tell about their kids, especially funny ones. Gehry Oatey, a middle school teacher at Oakland’s Melrose Leadership Academy and a blogger for Teacher, Revised, does not disappoint in his latest blog post, “Keepin’ it real in the kitchen with middleschoolers.”

Imagine you are 12 years old. Your body is starting to do new and fascinating things like grow facial hair, smell, and change its voice. Your emotions are bouncing off the walls regularly and perhaps there is no other time in your life when what you put into your body is of greater significance.

During your 20 minute lunch break, however, you choose an empty stomach vs. a stomach ache because the vacuum packed food served at your school encourages its own emotional response. After the 6 or so hours of school, your diet has consisted of a small container of whole milk and an apple that was part of the school lunch. Today is one of the two days that you take cooking class during the after school program; there is a distinct possibility that you will get to eat!

You can read his chronicles of a recent cooking lesson — tacos de pollo or de asada — here.

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Photo courtesy of Gehry Oatey.

Katy Murphy

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