Summer school in OUSD: still here

At tonight’s Oakland school board meeting, a staffer handed me a colorful guide almost the size of a newspaper on summer resources for kids. Despite the cutbacks, the district is still offering:

  • Algebra Academies for middle and high school students
  • Oakland Fine Arts Summer School (at International Community School/Think College Now this year)
  • Bridges Program, to help kids make the transition to the sixth and ninth grades
  • Early Childhood Education programs
  • Migrant/refugee summer program
  • Pre-Collegiate Academy, summer enrichment (co-sponsored by the East Bay Consortium and Merritt College)
  • an extended school year for disabled students
  • Summer Intervention Program focused on math and reading and/or high school exit exam prep
  • Pre-K camp (with First 5 California)

The guide also includes pages and pages of other local programs and classes. You can find it online here. Any recommendations?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Sara

    Last year students were invited to summer school at Montera if their CST scores were below basic or had flunked classes. I think that was the criteria. They weren’t mandatory though. Is summer school going to be mandatory for those with a D of F in a core subject or are they just going to go on to the next grade, since we know they aren’t going to be held back. It seems like that would inspire some students to actually do the work during the schoolyear, knowing that they would have to go to summer school.

  • Oakland Mom

    What about summer school for those kids that are excelling, but simply want more and are excited to learn? Can we not forget about those children? My daughter’s teacher repeatedly tells me that she can’t challenge her and a few other students enough in the classroom, mostly due to the level of the other students. I’d love to see a program that offers engaging curriculum for those who aren’t failing, or at risk of falling behind. I know the private camps offer this, but they are incredibly expensive- upwards of $300/wk per child. We are in that no-man’s land where we don’t quite qualify for financial aid for camp, but don’t make enough to actually afford it for both of our girls.

  • Nextset

    I think Summer School is a good thing.

    But: If the budgets are crashing how can OUSD afford to offer it unless fees are imposed that cover the cost?

  • Sara

    Oakland Mom, Why not check out the resources on the internet you can use at home to challenge your child? I don’t what subjects she likes but reading historical novels and actual literature is a great way to improve her vocabulary and to give her the education she won’t get at school. If she likes history then Mary Renault books are a wonderful to learn about classical Greece for example. I have always believed almost all of my education has come from reading books, not from sitting in a classroom and I went to excellent schools.
    Unfortunately the money just isn’t there for kids like yours.

  • boing

    Apparently no news yet on what kind of GATE summer program there’s going to be this year.

  • Union Supporter-But

    No GATE summer school. Final word.

    Its frustrating because the vast majority of teachers – over 90% of the teachers in two different Oakland schools my son attends – do not know how to differentiate instruction and the GATE students simply do not get their educational needs met. In one son’s class the teacher does not even know the grade level material herself (her admission to students).

    There is money out there for GATE programs and training through grants, but the district would have to develop innovative programs and document the results. I think there is nearly half a BILLION dollars. I’m not sure if a school site can write the grant and have a GATE summer school at their own site – looking into this now.