Things get heated at Piedmont Elementary

7 a.m.  Oakland school police had to intervene to help custodial staff cross a picket line at Piedmont Avenue elementary school early Thursday.

Police estimated that before 7 a.m. there were 10 strikers at McClymonds High School Complex in West Oakland, 60 at Oakland Technical High School, 5 at Piedmont Elementary, and between 25 and 35 at Skyline High School.

More school police intervention:

7:25 a.m.  Food service workers hassled at Castlemont High,  8601 MacArthur Blvd.

7:50 a.m.  Custodians hassled at Melrose Elementary on 53rd Avenue.


  • Castlemont Teacher

    Castlemont had a great showing of teachers and students. Parents were very supportive of what the teachers were doing. We allowed anyone to cross if that is what they wanted.

    On to the rally in downtown!

  • cranky researcher

    In your main article on the strike yesterday, Katy, Olsen-Jones seems to openly threaten violence against line-crossers: ‘Olson-Jones said employees might be able to skirt the no-strike clause by telling their supervisors they don’t feel safe crossing the picket line. “They’ve been reminded by their union leaders that they shouldn’t do anything that will endanger their health and safety,” she said.’
    And now reports of needing police to cross the line? In another context, Olsen-Jones assured parents that the union wants to persuade, not intimidate. Are strikers acting thuggish toward staff who choose to go to work?

  • http://www.skylinehs.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=77763&type=u&rn=6808095 David Orphal

    Teachers acting thuggish? Really? The city trusts its children to thugs? Does anyone really think that teachers would get violent toward scabs or colleagues who cross the picket line? Really?

    Yes, we are upset when scabs cross the picket line. When someone takes the District $300 to provide unlicensed and unskilled child care during a teacher-stike, then they are a scab, plain and simple.

    Yes, we are upset when our non-teacher co-workerd cross our line. We understand that they have been threatened with discipline action “up to and including termination” from the District. We understand they are in an awful position. While we understand this, we would not cross their picket line if the situation were reversed. We told our colleagues this.

    Is it awkward, is it painful? Yes. Is it a threat? No.

  • J.R.

    Don’t forget, those are real people crossing those picket lines, people would could lose their jobs or just can’t afford a day of missed work because if they don’t work,they risk everything. Teachers are risking nothing except one days pay and are completely protected by their union and by seniority and tenure. Whats far worse than scabs are people who can’t or won’t do their jobs to the best of their ability(burnouts, coasters and malcontents all).

  • cranky researcher

    David Orphal: The union head *really* was quoted saying that potential ‘scabs’ should think about their “health and safety” before crossing picket lines, and police were called to several lines because of harassment of line-crossers. So really, yes, I’m questioning the behavior of some (= OEA leader) picketers. I’m sure it’s a tiny minority but I’ve seen union leaders lose their cool, to the extent they ever had any, plenty at board meetings so I can only imagine how they behaved when someone tried to cross the picket line. The rank and file are largely dedicated hardworking teachers, no slight intended.

  • PinkertonsNeeded

    I stand 6’1” and haul a whopping 180lbs and I had a 5’4” young women throw her shoulder at me as a passed into the District offcs! o0! I had to laugh.

    But at Oak High — as the pictures show– the “unidentified man” is clearly getting a much more forcefull shove the the OEA rep stirring things up on that campus. Some organizers are just trifling.

  • Havehadenough

    I think that it is a crying shame to allow students and teachers to act as if this is ok. Hello, Oakland teachers, wake up and do your jobs-teach. You looked like a bunch of idiots. You all did not get paid (more $$ for the district) and nothing was lost with ADA!!
    Who’s confused now?