School board meeting this week: at Lincoln

The Oakland school board holds this week’s 5 p.m. meeting at Lincoln Elementary School in Chinatown, 225 11th St. They’ll be discussing the district’s budget cut proposal, again (pages 3-4 of full agenda), and talking about the plan to support teachers — especially new ones — with far fewer funds, and considering a resolution to oppose Arizona’s immigration law.

You can find the agenda here.

Also on the agenda is the decision to apply for a federal School Improvement Grant (“transformation model”) for United for Success and Elmhurst Community Prep, two of the district’s “persistently lowest-achieving” schools — but not for Alliance Academy or ROOTS International, mirroring the schools’ proposals. United for Success and Elmhurst have new principals, so they wouldn’t be required to replace them as part of the transformation model. (Pages 8-9)

Congratulations to Jessica Murphy, a first-grade teacher at Sequoia Elementary School and Lawrence Evans, a chemistry teacher at Oakland Tech. They are your Oakland Teacher of the Year nominees! (The board is holding a special meeting at 4:45 p.m. Wednesday to approve their nominations.)

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Nextset

    It does not surprise me that Rad-Lib dominated educrats have the nerve to use their municipal/official position to publicly opine on the merits of another municipality’s considered judgement on a local policy.

    The AZ people are in the face of a foreign invasion where colonists largely and conspicuously involving Narco-Cartels, Criminals and Indigents are openly crossing the border and rampaging all over AZ’s territory. They swamp the local municipal schools and hospitals, destroying them, they kidnap, murder, sexually assault and drunk drive to the point of being a majority of all those crimes, and in general reduce the atmosphere into a state of emergency. When AZ passes legislation duplicating existing federal law as being AZ crimes and directs resources into combating it the Rad-Libs here throw a hissy fit.

    When you take the oath as a municipal office holder here you have a duty of loyalty to the citizens here and the function of the municipality you take office in. How that translates into pushing open borders in AZ is nonsense. We’d do better to look to our own collapsing state which is no longer viable, due to a large part to the same open borders issues here.

    Our remaining County Hospitals will close, there are very few left. Well over 1/3 of our prison inmates are foreign nationals, we have drug-resistant TB coming in, LA Unified is a Tower of Babel… I can go on but you get the idea.

    As far as the local schools, our black proletariat has lost employment in one industry after another because the Mexican Colonists have taken those occupations.

    The school trustees and administrators should either remain silent on AZ or call for similar measures to be applied here.

  • Steve

    Nextset I’m glad that you are showing your extensive knowledge about California history, esp. the part about the “Mexican Colonists!”

  • Cranky Teacher

    “The school trustees and administrators should either remain silent on AZ or call for similar measures to be applied here.”

    Um, hypocrisy much?

    They should only opine if they agree with YOUR apocalyptic opinions?

  • Nextset

    Cranky: Mexico, as most nations do, legislates sharp controls on foreign nationals on Mexican soil. The AZ statute doesn’t come close to the Mexican Law on what is to be done with foreigners caught illegally present and living in Mexico.

    You don’t drop into Mexico against their immigration law, or wave foreign flags (such as the USA Flag) in Mexico, or become politically active (public speaking or discourse). They put you in Jail, confiscate your property and keep you there if you do. Public life in Mexico is for Mexicans and that is not an unusual concept for most nations. Foreigners legally present are guests and are required to conduct themselves as guests which means no political activity and no freeloading.

    The public schools cannot serve foreign colonies. They know they are not funded for it. The infiltration of the foreign kids dilutes the educational budget. So I do think our Educrats have a duty to complain and oppose enrollment of illegals (without special funding for it?) and not to complain and oppose obvious and simple state legislation to detect and arrest illegals.

    Not that any rad-lib worth his salt would ever back a pro-American policy. Their interests are not in US Nationalism, they really don’t believe in it.

    Steve: When I use the term Colonists I mean foreigners who intend to remain loyal to their homeland, clinging to their native identity and customs and replicating that here with their families. Colonists don’t bother to learn our language, customs and laws because they don’t observe them. Colonists typically cheat on taxes, feeling no obligation to pay our taxes at all. They are only here for material gain and intend to transfer that gain to the homeland for their eventual return. Colonists avoid immersion, melting, and getting too involved with our society preferring to stay apart and true to their loyalties to the homeland. If colony members are born here their US nationality is only a convenience – at all times their foreign nationality is dominant. They do not actually consider themselves American merely because of birth, that is a quaint notion only the US follows, colonists and other nations don’t.

    My point, and it’s only mine stated here for discussion – is that our public schools are here for the education of our own people (proles especially) and we need to protect that function in the face of all the problems we have with the education mission. We cannot take care of our people (in Los Angeles for example) if the schools collapse under a flood of illegals. Another way of putting is is that the black students shouldn’t get collapsed public schools because Mexico (ruled by a White/European Elite) is running it’s Mexican Indians out of their own country into ours. And we let them do it/help them do it.

    It’s just that simple.