Immigrant students from Oakland ask Chilean leader for advice, reassurance

Michelle Bachelet, former Chilean president, at Oakland International High. Photo by Lane Hartwell/Oakland Tribune

Michelle Bachelet held an intimate Q and A with a small group of immigrant students this morning at Oakland International High School. Bachelet, the first woman elected president of Chile, was once living far from her home country, herself; her family was imprisoned, and later exiled, during the political turmoil of the 1970s.

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Teachers give union leaders the go-ahead

The vote is in: Union leadership is now authorized to call an indefinite strike as long as a council of representatives from each school approve it first. (As long as it’s less than 10 days long, it’s considered a “short strike” and it won’t need the council’s approval.) The proposal won 75 percent approval last night.

The turnout was roughly the same as it was in January — 755 votes out of a membership of 2,800, including substitutes,according to OEA’s website. That’s about 25 percent.

755 total votes
565 – yes
184 – no
6 – abstained


Teachers vote on labor proposal; results TBD

STUDENT AT OAKLAND TEACHERS' ONE DAY ACTION. PHOTO BY LANE HARTWELL/TRIBUNEI spent an hour outside a membership meeting at Oakland Technical High School this evening, talking with teachers about the labor dispute — and the big vote on a proposal that would authorize union leaders to call further actions, including a strike.

(An amendment to tonight’s proposal requires an indefinite strike to be approved by a majority of the union representatives at each school, in addition to the union’s 15-member executive board. Tonight’s vote tally should be available by late afternoon/early evening tomorrow.)

Here’s what they told me:

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Big decision Monday for Oakland teachers

At a 4 p.m. membership meeting tomorrow at Oakland Technical High School, teachers will take an important vote: whether to authorize its leadership to call an extended strike. As of this afternoon, the meeting has not been prominently featured on the Oakland Education Association’s website, though I saw fliers promoting it on strike day.

Union leaders met Friday evening to determine the substance of tomorrow’s secret ballot and whether it would include strike authorization. My attempts to reach OEA President Betty-Olson Jones by phone that night and the next day were unsuccessful, but fortunately I saw her last night at the Oakland Museum of California reopening. (I love cornering sources while they’re out trying to enjoy themselves…)

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