Former Oakland principal, Hayward supe are finalists for San Diego post

Dale Vigil retired a few months ago from the Hayward school district after almost five years as superintendent, but I guess he’s not ready for a life of leisure quite yet. He’s in the running to lead San Diego Unified, reports Emily Alpert of Voice of San Diego.

Debbra Lindo, former principal of Oakland’s Castlemont High School and the CEO of College Track, is another of three finalists for the superintendency.

Interesting that two of the three finalists hail (at least recently) from the East Bay. I don’t recall either of them applying for the Oakland post last year, though.

If you were San Diego’s school board, would you pick either one?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • http://j1t.blogspot.com/ Charlie

    I worked in Hayward while Vigil was there…and my opinion of him is extremely low. He’d come with a track record of mucking up other school districts, and then he mucked up that one. Readers digest version: didn’t give teachers the raise we had coming when there was COLA (cost of living adjustment) money coming to us. Then waited until the teachers scattered for summer. Then the top three district administrators gave THEMSELVES 16% raises. Then there was a strike…and he spent a chunk of it on vacation in Mexico with his gf.

  • harlemmoon

    Dale Vigil’s exploits have been well documented; and the reports have not been favorable. Still, to reach this level of finalist, he must have impressed the powers that be.

    I’ve not seen much written about Lindo and her time at Oakland Unified. And, frankly, I’ve never heard of College Track. So unless we can get a better feel for the person behind all the experience, it would be tough to say who between Vigil and Lindo is the better candidate .

  • Steven Weinberg

    Katy, Check the Tribune morgue for articles in April 2002 about Linda Halpern’s involuntary transfer from Castlemont for some insight into Debbra Lindo.

  • castlemontoldschool

    Lindo couldn’t run one school (Castlemont HS) years ago. How will she be able to run an entire school district?

  • teachermama

    I hope San Diego Unified does their homework on Dr. Vigil. I sure wish Hayward had before they appointed him to two terms at an exorbitant salary, just to buy him out for the last six months of his contract. Guess they figured that paying him to do nothing was better than paying him to do damage. When he started with HUSD he announced that our test scores were 3rd from the bottom in Alameda County. His goal was to get us to be third from the top by the end of his term. When he “retired” we were no longer third from the bottom, we were AT the bottom.

  • StandUpForKids

    And guess who Vigil’s girlfriend was while he was Hayward’s Supe?
    Gerri Isaacson! Yes, OUSD’s NEXO, who Vigil brought with him from SoCal. Word has it, she scored the least during the interview process, but didn’t matter. The boss ‘coronated’ his gf the principal of Fairview School, where she hardly ever was on campus; didn’t know the students, and some teachers by name. Instead, she spent her time at the DO with the bf. When how her hiring came to be was about to become public scandal, her knight in shining armor quickly used his connection to land her a job in San Leandro. She showed no remorse in abandoning her school and students at Fairview after only four months or so (of utter incompetence.)
    Wonder how she landed the Oakland NEXO job……Hmmm…

  • Katy Murphy

    Dale Vigil and Debbra Lindo are no longer in the running for San Diego superintendent. Bill Kowba, a San Diego school district administrator, will be the next supe.

    The LA Times posted this last night:


  • Glenview Mom

    Wasn’t Randy Ward head of SDUSD? Where did he go?

  • Katy Murphy

    Ward’s the superintendent of the San Diego County Office of Education. http://www.sdcoe.net/superintendent.asp