Reducing the dropout rate: the economic argument

The D.C.-based advocacy group Alliance for Excellent Education has come out with a new report that estimates the San Francisco-Oakland metro area would gain $8 million in tax revenues and generate 350 jobs by cutting its high school dropout rate in half.

You can read the Bay Area report, which estimates additional earnings (and spending on houses and vehicles) for African American, Latino, Native American and Asian graduates, here.

The methodology assumes everyone with a high school diploma will pursue a college degree and/or work from age 18 to 70, which is not a given in this economy. But for what it’s worth, the authors say the estimated benefits are “conservative.”

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Nextset

    Another example of silly magical thinking. And always taking for granted that everyone has the same cognitive ability, and want the same things the same way.

    Betas like being Betas. When you try to force Alphas and Betas to exchange roles they go nuts. Then they get real angry…

    Imagine the real savings if we taught all students to live within their physical, mental and psychological abilities as well as they can? Imagine if we stopped the cruel practice of forcing people with IQs of 85 to try to perform as if they were 115? Imagine if we showed the left side of the Bell Curve how to make it in the USA within their abilities? And trained them to pass into employed adult society? And if we stopped importing foreign workers to take their jobs, their prospective mates, and their places in American society?

    How much money we’d all save, how much suffering we’d avoid.

    Brave New World.