Oscar Grant/Mehserle verdict protest, arrests: a teacher’s account

I’ve been out of commission the last couple of days, so you’ve probably heard this news already, but in case you haven’t:

Jumoke Hinton Hodge, Oakland school board memberThose arrested in Thursday night’s protest included Oakland school board member Jumoke Hinton Hodge — who was playing chess at the intersection of Broadway and 14th Street and refused to stop, the East Bay Express reported — and Susan Harman, a former school principal and activist.

Pamela Drake, an adult education teacher who participated in the demonstration, wrote an account of what she and Harman saw and experienced on the Oakland Local blog. You can read it here.

Were you there? What did you see?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Hot R

    Hmmm. I am sorry for any injuries, but bending arms behind backs and clearing demonstrators from an area are what the police do. Should anyone have a clear expectation they will get their medication when there are mass arrests?

    I like the fact that the Council members and Mayor were on the scene to provide leadership, but standing in the way of police as they are ordered to do their jobs is truly foolish.

  • Nextset


    It’s interesting to see that nothing changes. This does remind me of Rosemary Corrie getting herself killed by the Israeli Bulldozer. We have a diabetic who goes sightseeing at the scene of a demonstration, gets herself arrested and wonders why they don’t give her her insulin shots.

    Talk about living dangerously.

    She’s lucky she’s not dead. That’s what happened to Rosemary Corrie. That’s what happens when you dance on thin ice. Presumably the writer isn’t concerned about people who depend on her, or people who would be emotionally distressed when she gets herself killed. It must be nice to be so self centered, to not give a fig about others. To not even care about the officials who might get in trouble when you are dead.

    Yes, as a matter of fact when medically fragile people get themself arrested the authorities are responsible for keeping them alive. And guess what – medically fragile people in custody wake up dead. It happens more than occasionally. It is really predictable that custody officials will mismanage medically fragile prisoners (have you seen the cognitive skill of custodial officers?). It’s so predictable you shouldn’t take chances getting yourself thrown in custody is you are medically fragile.

    But some do. They are not all there. Or it’s all about her, her needs, her pleasures, her causes.

    The writer feels she should be able to carry on exactly as she pleases and everybody else should be carefull not to get her killed. This is why children should be supervised carefully when crossing roads. Until they grow up and learn. Some people become more childlike as the become aged. Some people sustain damage to their own sense of self preservation. You wonder if the writer would be doing these things in her prime (taking risks while medically fragile).

    My sympathy meter is on zero.

  • Nextset

    Typo: “You shouldn’t take chances getting yourself thrown into custody if you are medically fragile.”

    You should be more considerate of yourself and others.

  • Sue

    Did you mean Rachel Corrie?

    I couldn’t find a Rosemary Corrie related to Israel, just one who’s an attorney in Berntwood.

    Perhaps this was an example of your “becoming more childlike as the become aged”.

  • harlemmoon

    Whatever the case, the frightening chaos following the verdict couldn’t have done the city of Oakland any favors. Whether you sit near or far, the picture was the same: thuggery, violence and pandemonium.

    Hilarious is far from how I’d describe this situation. Yet, somehow “pathetic” doesn’t quite cover it either.

  • Nextset

    Probably it was Rachel Corrie.. Thanks.

    Harlemmoom: I use the word Hilarious because all of this is predictable (going back decades) yet the commentators are “Shocked” which is one of their favorite words. It’s the thing you see in dark comedy or satire.

    This morning I read about the De-Policing of Oakland. Another stepping stone.

    Where all this leads is a hollow city in a hollow state. Worse case, Death squads, rape gangs, and the cessation of commerce and employment in the City. Another Detroit. We will see how bad, bad can get.

    But it will all be politically correct.

    What kind of public school can you operate in such a place? Even worse ones than you have now.

    You’d have to be a fool to invest one cent in Oakland.

  • Frida

    Does anyone know if Jumoke Hinton Hodge is still in jail? Thanks.