Mack is back.

The Oakland school board just voted unanimously to reinstate McClymonds as the name of West Oakland’s high school. Lots of clapping, cheering and friendly inter-high school trash talking tonight…

McClymonds had been split into two high schools — EXCEL and BEST — as part of the Bill Gates-funded small schools movement, but because of declining enrollment, it’ll be one school again this fall under a new principal, Kevin Taylor.

District staff suggested a few months ago that it be called EXCEL at McClymonds, but the school’s alumni association started a push to bring “Mack back.”

So they did. It’ll be McClymonds High School again.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • WestOaklandRez

    GREAT news to wake up to!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Yes. I graduated from Mack. It is a good school.

  • harlemmoon

    Now that the name has changed (or is it actually back to the same?), can we now focus that intensity of the effort on something more worthy at the school? Say, academic rigor and expectations.

  • Hot R

    Change we can believe in…

  • Armando

    does this mean i can go pick up a new diploma that says mack instead of excel?

  • Oakland Teacher

    Think of all the money that has been spent (millions of GATES money) on redesigning schools, changing names, New Leaders, new signs, graphics, paper – kind of like our own WPA. Now we can turn them all back again. When teachers meet in recent years at inservices, you can hear over and over “I work at _____, it used to be ___.”

    It has been nice to hear and see the Mac alumnus step up recently! I hope that maybe some of you are able to continue to support the school.

  • anon

    Does that mean that the API and other data reverts to McClymonds levels?

  • Pamela

    Yeah. You go Mack….

  • Paul

    Cyclical educational policy.
    Who are the winners in this? Unfortunately not the students.

  • El Tiburon Malvado

    Great! This change has been long overdue! So When do we get to see the same type of campus reunion happen at Fremont and Castlemont high schools?

    This whole “small school” thing means that people in one “small school” can’t take classes like electives in another “small school” on the same campus.

    It also means that teachers in one “small school” can’t share resources with teachers in another “small school” on the same campus.

    It also means that a campus must hire a separate principal and administrative staff for each “small school” on campus.

    For some reason, it seems like the resources spent to divide larger, more comprehensive public high schools into “small schools” could be better used creating academies, like they have at Skyline, O-high and Tech. Academies don’t have the three problems I listed above, but they do provide the same services as small schools- magnet programs, student groupings, academic focus, etc.